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Privacy Policy

I. Overview CubedHost services, and staff included, reserve the right to use provided personal information for multiple purposes; however, personal information is never distributed to third-parties nor will it ever be, for any reason. Analytical data may be sent to third-parties. II. Personal Information Collected Upon registering with CubedHost.org's online billing system, some information is asked for and automatically stored within our databases. Defined below are types of "Personal" or "Contact" information/data. * First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Phone Number * Company Name * Current Address of Residence * Current Country of Residence * Current State/Region of Residence * Current Zip Code of Residence Additional information may be automatically logged and viewed in real-time; although, it may not necessarily be stored. Defined below are types of "Analyical" information/data. * IP Address * Hostname * HTTP Referer * ISP (Internet Service Provider) * Geographical location based on IP (GeoIP) * Operating System * Web Browser * Screen Resolution * Other various entities and references sent by the user's web browser * Other various entities and references requested by Google Analytics * Other various entities and references requested by StarDevelop Live Help Messenger III. Purposes for Collecting Information Upon visiting any domain operated by CubedHost, the information automatically requested is used only for web analytics and/or live chat support. * Contact Information This includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Name, Address, Country, State/Region and Zip Code. Any and all of this information may be used at any time to get in contact with the client if the necessary situation presents itself. CubedHost staff will never contact current or previous clients regarding personal matters or anything that is not business (CubedHost) related. * IP Address A user's IP address may be viewed and/or recorded for future use in the event of abuse associated with the IP. Refer to Section VII. Abuse in the CubedHost TOS for more infor- mation on abuse. * Hostname See IP Address. * HTTP Referer The URL from which users enter our site, commonly refered to as a "referer", is often stored as analytical data and frequently viewed in order to determine where visitors are coming from. This provides no personal information whatsoever; however, we do reserve the right to follow the URL and communicate with users or owner of or related to the website located at said URL for matters of business (with CubedHost). * ISP (Internet Service Provider) See IP Address. * Geographical Location based on IP (GeoIP) See IP Address. Also stored as analytical data. * System Information This includes Operating System, Web Browser and Screen Resolution. Any and all of this data may be stored simply for analytical reasons in order to better design and deploy our services and web site for all users. * Other See the following websites concerning third-party applications that collect and/or use your data. * Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics/ * Clicky Web Analytics http://clicky.com/ * LiveChat http://www.livechatinc.com/ Last amended: August 22nd 2013