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Our Minecraft servers are perfect for large communities, private servers for friends, and everything in between.

  • Fully Customizable
    Our fully customized Multicraft control panel gives you ultimate freedom and complete control over your server. Edit config files, upload plugins and mods, manage worlds, and stop/start/restart your server with ease.
  • Always Online
    Forget about the hassles of hosting a server - simply set it up and let it run. We work around the clock to make sure your server stays online, all the time.
  • Powerful Hardware
    With industry standard equipment, your server runs on nothing but the best. We utilize quad-core Intel Xeon CPUs, DDR3/DDR4 ECC RAM, RAID SSDs & HDDs, and a massive global fiber network backbone.
  • Instant Setup
    Once your order is placed and paid for, our automated system gets everything setup and ready to go - you'll receive access and get connected in less than 5 minutes. Spend less time getting things setup and more time playing.
  • DDoS Protected
    Comprehensive DDoS protection covers every single node on our network, protecting against multi-gigabit UDP floods, TCP SYN/ACK floods, and much more. We monitor and protect so that you don't have to.
  • 24/7 Support
    We're always online. You're free to submit a ticket or hop on live chat anytime, with responses usually within less than an hour. If you have any issues with your server, we're here to help.
  • MySQL + FTP
    We operate dedicated MySQL nodes in each of our locations to provide the lowest possible latency and highest performance for any servers utilizing a MySQL server. Plus, enjoy easy management of your databases directly from our control panel.

Budget Features

Perfect for small private servers, offering solid performance and features at a low cost.
  • Super Affordable
    Fully featured Minecraft hosting at an affordable price. Whether you're just getting started or you have an established community, we want to give you solid performance and features at the best price around.
  • 2 Global Locations
    Choose from our North American or European datacenter, both part of a massive global fiber network built to provide low ping for players.
  • Plugins & Mods
    Search for and install Bukkit plugins straight from our control panel with one click. Plus, enjoy a wide selection of server types, including Vanilla Minecraft, Spigot, Paper, BungeeCord, Forge, Cauldron, and more.

Premium Features

Feature-packed, high performance, and all around perfect for every type of server.
  • Automated Backups
    Our massive 24 terabyte RAID 10 backup system performs remote, off-site backups of your Minecraft server every night. Rollback your server's data up to 10 days with a simple request. We've got you covered.
  • 1-Click Customization
    150+ server types to choose from, including FTB, ATLauncher, and Technic modpacks, Pixelmon, Spigot, Paper, Forge, BungeeCord, and tons of other options. Install all these with just one-click, plus access thousands of Bukkit plugins straight from our control panel.
  • 7 Global Locations
    Our Premium locations are hand-picked for the best hardware, ping, and DDoS protection available, and all for the best price. We work with only high quality providers to give you the most lag-free experience possible.
  • Personal Support
    We're here to help with any issue that might arise with your server. Pick one of our Premium servers if you're looking for more in-depth support from our team, covering crashes, config tweaks, and much more.
  • Dedicated IPs
    Starting with 1GB+ plans, you'll get a unique IP address that isn't shared with other servers. This gives you access to port 25565 and removes any of the hassle with shared IPs.
  • Free Web Hosting
    1GB+ plans also come with a free web hosting package. Create a small website for your server, or back up some files! Domain name required. Submit a ticket for details.

Pocket Edition Features

High performance, lag-free MCPE servers for mobile & Windows 10.
  • Mobile & Win10
    With support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Edition, it's never been easier to get all of your friends together whether you're at home or on the go.
  • Nightly Backups
    Just like our Premium Minecraft servers, your Pocket Edition server is backed up nightly and stored securely on our remote backup system. Need to rollback your world up to 10 days? We've got you covered.
  • Genisys Powered
    Our Pocket Edition servers run the latest and greatest MCPE server software. Automatically updated hourly, we get the newest versions out faster than our competitors so you can keep playing.
  • MCPE Plugins
    Install all your favorite PocketMine plugins right from our control panel with one click. Search, manage, and install all the plugins you want, and it's never been easier.
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Customize Your Minecraft Server

Build your own Minecraft server from the ground up. Pick all the options you want.

  • 7 Locations
  • Superior Performance
  • Affordable
  • Nightly Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • 2 Locations
  • High Performance
  • Low Cost
  • Minimal Features
  • DDoS Protection
Pocket Edition
  • Mobile + Windows 10
  • Superior Performance
  • PocketMine / Genisys
  • Nightly Backups
  • DDoS Protection

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