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About CubedHost

Started during the early boom of Minecraft server hosting, CubedHost arose out of the need for a reliable provider with high quality and powerful hardware, as well as a fantastic team behind it all. With years of experience in running Minecraft servers and managing infrastructure, Bill Ewing and Justin Head set out with this goal in mind and founded CubedHost in December of 2011. Over the past 3 years, we've grown exponentially - having served over 20,000 customers from around the world.

Each member of the CubedHost team has an extensive background in an array of subjects and expertise: ranging from system administration, programming, and web design/development to customer service, managing websites, Minecraft server hosting and much more. These skill sets allow us to provide a top notch hosting environment and experience for thousands of customers. Our team continues to play Minecraft and stay active within the Minecraft community. We have seen the rise and fall of hMod and Bukkit, the immense growth of the Forge modding community, and the rise of massive Minecraft networks - in fact, our team has helped build some of the greatest Minecraft servers ever. In addition to serving customers around the world, CubedHost also powers public and private Minecraft servers for YouTube producers and Twitch streamers with audiences reaching tens of millions.

Our team here at CubedHost works for you. It's our job to continually hone the Minecraft hosting experience we provide. Whether that means working on new features, improvements for our control panel, faster support response times, or anything else in between, rest assured that our team is fully committed and working every day to improve. If you ever have a suggestion or request, we'd love for you to get in touch with us!


CubedHost is always looking to bring on fantastic new team members to help maintain a friendly and efficient environment for our customers. If you feel that you may be a potential candidate for working here in the future, feel free to email us a copy of your resume/CV at jobs@cubedhost.com. A resume is expected and any applications that do not meet our requirements may not receive a response. Below are potential employment opportunities and some of their respective requirements. Minecraft Support Specialist Our Minecraft Support Specialists are our front-line support and provide help to thousands of customers around the world. Our customers rely on this team to assist with any issues that might arise. As part of this team, you will provide Minecraft server-related support through tickets and live chat. Typical support requests involve troubleshooting errors in the server console and plugin/mod configuration files, providing advice on how to setup servers with specific requirements, and escalating critical issues to senior staff for review. Strong communication skills are required as it's important that our team is always on the same page. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable support that never disappoints. Requirements - Friendly, optimistic and helpful attitude - Strong understanding of English grammar and mechanics - Willingness and ability to learn and adapt quickly to new work environments and responsibilities Recommended Skills - Familiarity with Multicraft and Minecraft, as well as related problems and solutions - Familiarity with WHMCS or similar billing and ticket systems - Previous customer service experience Sales/Billing Representative On our Sales team, you will provide pre-sales support via ticket and live chat to prospective client as they navigate our website. As part of our Billing team, you will take care of billing-related requests including processing refunds, adjusting/correcting invoices, adding or canceling services, and more. Requirements - Friendly, optimistic and helpful attitude - Strong understanding of English grammar and mechanics - Willingness and ability to learn and adapt quickly to new work environments and responsibilities Recommended Skills - Familiarity with WHMCS or similar billing and ticket systems - Previous customer service experience Systems Administrator Sys. admins will monitor our growing global infrastructure using a number of tools and resolve any issues that might arise, as well as assist with maintenance and new projects. Requirements - 2+ years experience with CentOS/RHEL and other linux distributions - Familiar with common Linux errors/problems and their solutions - Strong grasp of networking, routing, and related troubleshooting Recommended Skills - Experience managing Multicraft installations - Knowledge of MySQL, PHP, Apache, and nginx - Knowledge of MySQL cluster/replication, Redis, Node.js, Bash/Shell scripting UI / UX Designer On our UI / UX design team, you will build new and improve existing web applications' front-end design in order to maximize user experience. This primarily involves our website and control panel designs, as well as new projects. Our only criteria is that you provide us with examples of previous work. Front-end Web Developer As a front-end web developer on our team, you will work with the latest web technologies in order to continually build and improve our web applications, such as our control panels - both internal and customer-facing. You will be expected to work with the UI / UX design team to implement new design changes, as well as with the backend development team to meet application requirements. Requirements - Strong grasp of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, JS - Experience with front-end JS frameworks (e.g. React, Angular.js) Recommended Skills - Familiar with Gulp/Grunt + Git workflow and deployment - Experience with WebSockets Full Stack Developer Full stack developers are needed for a wide range of projects at CubedHost, including backend web development for our control panels and website, development of internal tools and systems tied our control panels, as well as new projects. Requirements - Understanding of MVC - Previous open source projects - Experience with linux - Experience with at least one of the following: - Node.js - PHP - Java - Python Recommended Skills - Experience with any of the following: - Backend Node.js web frameworks (e.g. Express.js) - Backend PHP frameworks (e.g. Laravel) - Front-end JS frameworks (e.g. React, Angular.js) - Experience with MySQL, nginx, Redis, Bash/Shell scripting - Experience with WebSockets and a strong grasp of TCP and UDP networking A professional attitude and work ethic are required for any position. We take our customers and their services seriously and try to provide the highest quality hosting possible. We ask that all applicants are at least 18 years of age. Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding any of the positions shown above. Last Updated: February 3rd 2017

Terms of Service

Use of the services at CubedHost, LLC (hereby referred to as “CubedHost”) is subject to the terms in this document. These terms may change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer. 1) Accounts The customer is expected to keep their account up-to-date and keep their information accurate while they’re an active customer on CubedHost. Inactive accounts – those with no “active” services or domains – do not necessarily need to be kept up-to-date. However, if the account becomes active again, all information must be completely accurate. 2) Customer Responsibilities a. General All services, excluding Dedicated Servers, are unmanaged services. We do not offer plugin/mod configuration, website setup and modifications, and so forth. Our support terms are laid out further in the terms of services. Customers are responsible to keep up with their own servers and their server payments; please refer to section 3, Payments and Invoices. b. Voice Servers Voice servers are referred to as TeamSpeak 3 hosting. All Voice servers are subject to the policies listed below. i. Slots are RESTRICTED. You are welcome to change the slots at any time through your client area. ii. The bitrate for Voice servers is 128Kbps, and may not be modified without the prior approval of the CubedHost system administrators. c. Minecraft Servers All Minecraft servers are subject to the policies listed below. i. The amount of RAM allocated is restricted, and may not be circumvented or modified. The client understands that if this policy is breached, as per section 6 of these terms, the service(s) will be terminated immediately. ii. Slots are UNRESTRICTED. You are welcome to change the slots at any time. Grandfathered plans may be restricted; however, slot amounts for these plans can be changed upon request via support ticket. iii. CPU-intensive servers (defined as server instances using over 100% CPU) may be suspended, with or without warning, due to the interruption of other customers’ services. Un-suspension of suspended services is purely at the discretion of CubedHost administrators, and is not guaranteed. Furthermore, refunds requested after suspension of a server for the above reason are not guaranteed and are also purely discretionary. iv. Disk space is restricted under the fair-use policy. Our fair-use policy is calculated as space divided by number of customers on a single node. Any unnecessary files, such as log files, Dynmap .PNG web tiles / files, etc., may be removed with or without prior notice. d. Dedicated Servers Dedicated servers are naturally an unmanaged hosting service, meaning we do not provide support for any software on the system. Updating software and management of Multicraft, MySQL, PHP, Apache, and so forth are all customer responsibilities, unless a premium service is purchased, as outlined below. Customers are to ensure they follow the appropriate AUP for the specific location that their dedicated server is provided in. Phoenix, AZ / Ashburn, VA / Amsterdam, NL: http://www.phoenixnap.com/docs/html/aup.html i. Semi-Managed Service Semi-management is classified as OS updates/upgrades, management of Multicraft (upgrades upon request), and miscellaneous software that CubedHost deems supportable. This does not include software installation. Any costs or fees associated with this service are subject to change at any time. Additionally, any management service is purely at the discretion of CubedHost administrators, and may be declined at any time. ii. IP Address Allocation IP space allocations vary between locations. Phoenix, AZ and Ashburn, VA dedicated servers come with a /29 IP block at no extra cost. Amsterdam, NL dedicated servers do not come with a /29, only a single IPv4 and IPv6 address. IP address allocations for London dedicated servers will be shown on the order form and may change at any time. If an additional IP block is paid for by the client and CubedHost is unable to provide it as described, CubedHost will refund the cost of the IP block to the client. Additional IP blocks may be purchased for an existing and active dedicated server, if available, by submitting a support ticket. Any additional IP allocations may require that the client complete an IP Address Allocation Justification form. In cooperation and accordance with ARIN and RIPE policies, CubedHost conforms to standards and procedures set forth by PhoenixNAP (phoenixnap.com) regarding IP address allocation and assignment. As such, CubedHost requires that all IP address allocations can be justified for use immediately, as well as over 6 and 12-month periods. In addition, CubedHost is required to provide estimated utilization rates for such IP allocations over these periods of time. Clients requesting additional IP addresses for an existing server must be able to show at least 80% utilization of all currently allocated IP addresses, and list them along with their utilization level(s). A minimum of 80% utilization of all pre-existing IP space is required before any additional space will be authorized. If the customer does not meet the minimum utilization criteria, CubedHost reserves the right to revoke the assignment and reassign an appropriate number of IP addresses. 3) Payments and Invoices Customers are not held to a contract or subscription basis, thus allowing month-by-month payments without any obligations to continue the service. Customers have the option to use a Credit or Debit card, of which does permit automatic payment renewal per month (enabled by default). The customer can request that this is disabled, and payments must be made manually. For all services, excluding dedicated servers, the following procedure will be enforced: 1. An invoice will be generated 10 (“ten”) days prior to any service due date, including a list of services that are due to be renewed and their respective amounts. 2. If left unpaid, the invoice will become overdue the day after the due date at 12 AM UTC, thus sending an overdue notice to your email. At this point, any affected services will be suspended for overdue payment. 3. If not paid after the first overdue notice, a second notice will be sent on the second day of being overdue. Suspended services will remain suspended. 4. If not paid after suspension, the service will be automatically terminated for non-payment. If the invoice for a service is paid after a suspension, and before termination, the service will be unsuspended. For service reinstatement or recovery without reinstatement, see section 4. For all dedicated servers, the following procedure will be enforced: 1. An invoice will be generated 14 days (two weeks) prior to the service due date, including the dedicated server name(s), and amount(s). 2. If not paid, the invoice will become overdue at 12 AM UTC on the day immediately after the due date, thus sending an overdue notice to your email. At this point, the dedicated service will be suspended. 3. If not yet paid, the dedicated service will be terminated after 72 hours, or 3 days. 4) Service Reinstatement or Recovery Reinstatement and recoveries are an optional service, which includes our support team recovering your files from our backup nodes. This service applies only to shared Minecraft hosting services and no other services hosted by CubedHost. For the time spent, a $2.50 USD recovery fee will be charged per restoration matching any of the following criteria: i. The service was terminated. ii. The service was suspended, but the customer does not wish to continue service. Service reinstatement/unsuspension for dedicated servers is only possible in the event that the dedicated server or VPS is not terminated. i. Dedicated servers in the UK are subject to a $25 USD unsuspension fee. Once a dedicated server or VPS is terminated, data is no longer recoverable. Reinstatement and recovery services are unavailable for any other types of service hosted by CubedHost. 5) Support Terms Support is provided as part of the service, as it’s included in the purchase of the Minecraft service, game service, voice service, web hosting, VPS, or dedicated server. The customer understands that: o Support can take up to 24-48 hours to provide a response of any kind. o Spamming of our ticket system (defined as numerous tickets being opened, or responses being created, of the same issue and/or text) will only create a further delay in responding to your tickets, and (if excessive enough) may lead to a temporary and/or permanent block from our support system. o Only one (1) ticket should be opened per issue to allow our customer support operators to assist you more efficiently, otherwise it may create differing opinions and/or solutions. A single ticket may be used for multiple queries. o The support agent assisting you has the right to refuse support requests if they find your request to be abusive to them/us (e.g. swearing, causing problems and/or harassing the support team, etc.). o Seemingly fraudulent requests will be closed without notice. o The support agent reserves the right to suspend your service if the customer’s behavior towards the support agent is rude, defamatory, or disruptive. Upon approval from a member of CubedHost, LLC, the service may also be terminated. 6) Abuse Customers that are found abusing the service may be suspended and/or terminated at any time without prior notification, but only with sufficient reason to do so, as seen fit by members of CubedHost, LLC. The following situations are reasons (but not limited to) for suspension and/or immediate termination: i. Minecraft Servers 1. High CPU usage by plugin(s) 2. Misusing resources to attempt to gain higher security access 3. Use of a plugin that disrupts any internal or external services (eg. automated backup plugins, botnets, etc.) 4. Using unauthorized JARs in place of Minecraft 5. Circumventing memory or CPU limitations ii. Voice Servers 1. Use of system to discuss, communicate, or carry out illegal activities iii. Dedicated Servers 1. DoS/DDoS scripts 2. Packet Flooding (TCP/UDP/SYN) 3. Torrents (linking, usage, and downloads) 4. Pirated content (including but not limited to music, videos, and software/code) 5. Intent to gain unauthorized access to any other system iv. Game Servers 1. High CPU usage by plugin(s) or addon(s) 2. Misusing resources to attempt to gain higher security access 3. Use of a plugin or addon to disrupt other’s service(s) 4. Altering the player count above your service’s limitations v. Web Hosting 1. Hosting of daemons (background processes) 2. High CPU usage (defined as 25% of any CPU core for more than 30 seconds) 3. Using MySQL for websites for an outside service, such as games or Minecraft 4. CGI:IRC (IRC Clients that use the server-side) 5. Defamatory or racist remarks 6. Warez / Illegitimate scripts (Nulled software) 7. Copyrighted material (such as images, software, etc.) without written consent of the content owner 8. Torrents (linking, usage, and downloads) Please note that we do not allow the use of any automated backup plugins on Minecraft servers. These plugins cause massive disk usage which can result in negatively affecting other customers' services. 7) Refunds, Chargebacks, and Money-Back Guarantees CubedHost offers a 48-hour money-back guarantee, no questions asked, for all services but the following: i. Dedicated Servers ii. VPS Servers iii. Domains After the 48-hour money-back guarantee, a refund is NOT guaranteed. Prorated (partial) refunds are provided in most situations when requested; these refunds may only total 90% of the transaction amount, in order to account for resource usage while the service was active. Payment(s) can not be refunded after 45 days of the transaction date if a refund is approved. Any transactions approved for a refund after 45 days may only be credited to the client's account. A chargeback or dispute of any payment will result in the immediate suspension of service until resolution of dispute or chargeback. Until the resolution of the chargeback or dispute, CubedHost is under no obligation to provide the contents of (ie. files, configurations, databases, etc.) or provide access to any and all services on the customer account. CubedHost does not offer credit or refunds in the event of a suspension due to a chargeback or dispute. If a chargeback or disputed payment rules in favor of the customer, the service will be terminated immediately. The client is responsible for ALL charges that are caused by the chargeback. The final decision concerning a refund in any case, including refunds requested within 48 hours of the initial purchase, lies with the CubedHost management team. The 48-hour refund guarantee will be honored in all cases except situations in which a CubedHost service was abused or any sort of fraudulent activity is suspected or witnessed. Furthermore, frequent purchases and immediate refund requests are valid reason for the denial of future refunds, regardless of the duration of the service. 8) Automated Backups and File Recovery CubedHost provides an automated backup service for all shared Premium Minecraft servers. This system creates remote backups of servers' files and stores them on specific backup servers, separate from Minecraft nodes. Backups are not accessible to customers; however, via a support ticket request, a backup can be requested in these forms: i. Restoration - a backup will be restored to the customer's server and any existing files overwritten ii. Download link - a backup will be placed on our web server and provided to the customer via a private download link The CubedHost backup system follows these rules: i. Backups are created daily, beginning at midnight (12:00 AM) CST/CDT and may take up to 12 hours to complete ii. Backups are stored for up to 10 days at a time The backup system for CubedHost ignores the following files and/or folders (and the reason[s]): i. Dynmap (unnecessarily large images) ii. mcmmo_data (unnecessary large quantities of files, slows down backup and restoration process) iii. .log, .log.gz (unnecessarily large logs) iv. .zip (typically backups; Forge mods are NOT ignored) v. .tar (typically backups) vi. Backup, MineBackup (we do not backup backups) vii. .sql (MySQL should be setup upon first installation of a plugin) CubedHost offers free backup retrieval for up to 2 days prior to the current date. Any further/older backup retrieval requires the appropriate service to be purchased. The customer is subject to a per backup retrieval fee of $2.50 USD for any of the following conditions: i. A backup prior to 2 days is requested without the appropriate extended backup service If CubedHost does not have a backup available due to any error, we are not responsible for the loss of your file(s), content, maps, etc. The backup service is only available for the Premium Minecraft and Pocket Edition hosting services. 9) Cancellation and Termination of Service(s) The client may request cancellation at any time via support ticket or the cancellation request process in the client area. The following types of cancellation are available: i. Immediate Immediate cancellations are processed at 12AM UTC on any day of the year. ii. End of Billing Cycle End of Billing Cycle cancellations are processed at 12AM UTC on the day of the renewal date for any service. Upon receiving the cancellation request, all unpaid invoices regarding that invoice will become void and do not require payment. If no cancellation request is formally lodged, the client will be responsible for payment until the service is cancelled or terminated. CubedHost is not obligated to provide credits or refunds for services cancelled or terminated prior to the renewal date. For information regarding our refund and credit policy, please refer to section 7. For file recovery and restoration, please refer to section 8. Services beyond our Premium Minecraft and Pocket Edition lines are not possible to recover. 10) Minecraft End User License Agreement By using any CubedHost Minecraft-related service, including but not limited to CubedHost Minecraft server hosting and CubedHost "Budget" Minecraft server, hosting, you agree to the Minecraft End User License Agreement and any related or additional agreements, terms, or conditions specified therein, as provided by Mojang AB, in addition to but not in place of CubedHost Terms of Service. Minecraft EULA: https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula 11) Promotional Codes CubedHost may offer promotional codes, herein "codes", which provide discounts on CubedHost services. Such promotional codes are covered by the following terms: i. Codes are valid for a period of time as defined by CubedHost. ii. Codes will discount CubedHost services by either (a) a percentage or (b) a fixed dollar amount as defined by CubedHost. iii. Codes will be valid for use either (a) one or (b) multiple times over the life of the individual code. iv. Codes will be valid for use either (a) one or (b) multiple times by a specific customer over the life of the individual code. v. Codes may be deemed "expired" at any time at the discretion of CubedHost. vi. "Expired" codes may not be used when placing an order and such codes will not be honored at the time of purchase. vii. Codes will provide either (a) one-time or (b) recurring discounts as defined by CubedHost. ix. Codes that provide one-time discounts will apply only to the first payment for the related service. x. Codes that provide recurring discounts will apply for a duration of time or number of payments as defined by CubedHost. xi. Codes that provide recurring discounts indefinitely are referred to as "lifetime" promotional codes. xii. "Lifetime" codes may be altered or revoked at any time at the discretion of CubedHost. xiii. "Lifetime" codes do not necessarily guarantee a specific recurring service price for an indefinite period of time. xiv. Codes may or may not persist after changes to a service, such as an upgrade or downgrade, at the discretion of CubedHost. xv. Codes may be altered in any way at any time by CubedHost without notification to existing or future customers. xvi. Changes to service pricing may result in a code being revoked from an existing service, at the discretion of CubedHost. Last Updated: 1 October 2016

Privacy Policy

I. Overview CubedHost services, and staff included, reserve the right to use provided personal information for multiple purposes; however, personal information is never distributed to third-parties nor will it ever be, for any reason. Analytical data may be sent to third-parties. II. Personal Information Collected Upon registering with CubedHost.org's online billing system, some information is asked for and automatically stored within our databases. Defined below are types of "Personal" or "Contact" information/data. * First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Phone Number * Company Name * Current Address of Residence * Current Country of Residence * Current State/Region of Residence * Current Zip Code of Residence Additional information may be automatically logged and viewed in real-time; although, it may not necessarily be stored. Defined below are types of "Analyical" information/data. * IP Address * Hostname * HTTP Referer * ISP (Internet Service Provider) * Geographical location based on IP (GeoIP) * Operating System * Web Browser * Screen Resolution * Other various entities and references sent by the user's web browser * Other various entities and references requested by Google Analytics * Other various entities and references requested by StarDevelop Live Help Messenger III. Purposes for Collecting Information Upon visiting any domain operated by CubedHost, the information automatically requested is used only for web analytics and/or live chat support. * Contact Information This includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Name, Address, Country, State/Region and Zip Code. Any and all of this information may be used at any time to get in contact with the client if the necessary situation presents itself. CubedHost staff will never contact current or previous clients regarding personal matters or anything that is not business (CubedHost) related. * IP Address A user's IP address may be viewed and/or recorded for future use in the event of abuse associated with the IP. Refer to Section VII. Abuse in the CubedHost TOS for more infor- mation on abuse. * Hostname See IP Address. * HTTP Referer The URL from which users enter our site, commonly refered to as a "referer", is often stored as analytical data and frequently viewed in order to determine where visitors are coming from. This provides no personal information whatsoever; however, we do reserve the right to follow the URL and communicate with users or owner of or related to the website located at said URL for matters of business (with CubedHost). * ISP (Internet Service Provider) See IP Address. * Geographical Location based on IP (GeoIP) See IP Address. Also stored as analytical data. * System Information This includes Operating System, Web Browser and Screen Resolution. Any and all of this data may be stored simply for analytical reasons in order to better design and deploy our services and web site for all users. * Other See the following websites concerning third-party applications that collect and/or use your data. * Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics/ * Clicky Web Analytics http://clicky.com/ * LiveChat http://www.livechatinc.com/ Last amended: August 22nd 2013

Terms of Service: France Dedicated Servers

CubedHost Hosting Solutions is a dedicated service provider, providing through existing datacenters. Upon signing up for any dedicated server service(s), the client (customer) agrees to the following terms, and any existing terms located on OVH's website at www.ovh.ie. These terms refer to only the France dedicated servers listed on the CubedHost site. I. General CubedHost and it's suppliers will remain the property holder of the hardware rented out to consumers. Consumers cannot sell, transfer, lease, or any obvious reasons of exclaiming you hold the rights to the property. CubedHost does not control the customers' ability to host or resell space. II. Liability We are not liable for any content loss, negligence or careless acts, deleted or lost data, piracy, harmful program(s), or otherwise harmful access to the customers' rented service. III. Billing Terms and Termination The customer will receive a regular 7-day prior notice to your server expiring. Upon non-payment by the customer, services will be suspended with a suspension email. 48 hours after non-payment, your server will be terminated. IV. Piracy and Copyrights The customer agrees that any copyrighted material located on their service is licensed, created by, or has the right to use any copyrighted material. V. Refunds Due to the nature of this service, we do not provide refunds for dedicated servers. VI. Right to Amend CubedHost reserves the right to modify these terms at any time with or without prior warning. Last modified on 12/19/12

Terms of Service: Multicraft Licenses

CubedHost issues "Owned" licenses to their dedicated customers per request. These licenses are not for resell, redistribution, copying, etc. These licenses are on a LEASED basis per machine, per customer. By receiving a Multicraft license and accepting the terms of a dedicated server, you agree that you will not copy or save the "Owned" license from your dedicated machine. Multicraft licenses are issued on a per-server basis. Only one license will be issued per machine, per customer. These licenses are licensed to "CubedHost.org" - and solely to CubedHost.org. You are not to keep the license unless otherwise directed and signed off by CubedHost officers. Penalty can result in suspension or termination of your service(s). Last modified: 1/11/12

Terms of Service: Backups

CubedHost takes no responsibility for lost files, data, information, or anything pertaining to backing up of data. Backups are available for up to 7 days prior to the date of a backup restoration request, twice a day at 6AM and 6PM UTC. Restorations are available per request, 3 max per month. After 3 restorations that month, there will be an additional $5.00 USD fee for each restoration until the next billing cycle. The customer understands that the backup service is only available for the shared Minecraft hosted servers, and not dedicated servers. Terminated and/or suspended services have up to 7 days after service suspension to request a copy of the files, of which a $5.00 restoration fee is applicable. Last modified: 6/4/12

Terms of Service: Web Hosting

- Spam and Solicitation Spam is on a zero-tolerance policy. - Illegal Distribution of Software / Use of Illegal Software Within the United States of America, the use of proprietary software without prior written permission or consent of the software developer(s) is prohibited. Distribution of files without the right to distribute the files is grounds for immediate termination. - Termination & Suspension Accounts can be terminated and/or suspended with or without prior notification; all accounts are subject to the terms of services and acceptable use policy. - Subject to Change These terms are subject to change at ANY time with or without prior notice. Last amended: 4/21/12