We are currently considering requests from active streamers on YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch only. Any other streaming platforms will not be considered.
For more information on our Partner Program, please be sure to review this page.
If you are also a YouTuber (video uploads), you may view our YouTuber requirements here.

The following requirements are for streamers only:

  • Consistent Minecraft streams (2+ hours long, at least 3/week)
  • PG-13 (Teen) rating or below*
  • 500+ followers
  • 15+ average viewers per Minecraft stream
  • Willingness to apply on his/her own, not through a friend/moderator/manager/etc.
  • Willingness to terminate Minecraft-related partnerships with competing hosts

All partners must be willing to...

  • Comply with our Terms of Service
  • Advertise as requested 
  • Maintain active communication with our team (either through team conversations or Discord) 
  • Complete payment if a sponsorship discount is less than 100%
  • Notify our team of any major changes in content, schedule, maturity level, service use, etc.

In an effort to comply with various global laws and policies enforced by the content platforms we consider, you must be at least 16 years old in order to apply for a sponsorship.
If you are under the age of 16 or you do not provide your age within your application, your application will not be considered.
If you are under the age of 18, parental consent is rarely required.

By applying for a partnership, you confirm your age, your understanding of the above requirements, and your understanding of our right to decline your application.

*If your stream is regularly set to 18+/Mature, you may be ineligible for a partnership.

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