For over 6 years, CubedHost has provided sponsorships to hundreds of content creators, educational groups, non-profits, networks, and more. In this time, we've made some wonderful friends, built meaningful and successful relationships, and continually worked to improve our partner program.

New sponsorships may include a discount of 25-100% for Minecraft services only.

We are currently considering applications from the following:

  • Content Creators (YouTubers and/or Twitch/Mixer/YouTube streamers)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education institutes/camps/groups
  • Well-established plugin/mod/modpack developers

Please note that we are not currently considering applications for Minecraft networks/communities, Minecraft build teams, new plugin/mod developers, or multi-game communities. We have no estimated time frame as to when these application types may be considered and we thank you for your understanding.

Please select the applicable button to review requirements specific to your request, then return to this page.

Additional Information

Content Creators

We aim to encourage positive, family-friendly content and we actively promote our partners who support us. Whether you're a YouTuber with 5,000 subscribers or 500,000, we'll do what we can to help you grow your channel and produce quality content by engaging your viewers through the services we provide. The same goes for streamers, if you have 500 followers or 5000 - we're there for you.

In most cases, we start new partners off on a "trial" basis that includes a fully sponsored service. Within the trial period, you have the opportunity to engage in our services, experience our platform, and refer genuine traffic. In the meantime, our partnerships success team has the opportunity to focus in on your content and your positive efforts towards your partnership with us. Our team will be available every step of the way so you can always check in for help or just to see how you're doing.

Once the trial period is complete, you'll either receive a formal partnership offer or we'll end the trial partnership. Typically, if you've put forth the effort, you'll be welcomed as an official partner within just a few months.

Education Institute/Camp/Groups

As CubedHost was founded by two geeks who met in computer science class, we understand the importance of learning through unconventional methods. Even more-so today than ever before, Minecraft can be used to engage kids and help them learn in a more fun and responsive way. We look forward to assisting in the world of education and we thank you for your efforts.

Non-Profit Organizations

With how popular Minecraft has become since it's "Cave Game" start back in 2009, it's no wonder the game can be used to help inspire others and support non-profit movements. CubedHost is proud to support numerous non-profits in various industries that help make the world a better place for everyone.

Application Process


We ask that you gather applicable details for your request prior to contacting our team. Aside from providing relevant links, all applicants should be prepared to explain their needs.

How to Apply

In order to apply, you need only start a conversation (click the blue button found in the bottom-right of our website) with our team and include details relevant to your request. All applicants may include in their request what they would like to receive from CubedHost in terms of hosting service(s).

  • If you are a content creator, please be sure to provide a link to your YouTube channel and/or Twitch profile.
  • If you are representing a school / education group or a non-profit organization, please state your position (volunteer, Principal, President, etc.) and include relevant links (school/NPO website, social media platforms, etc.)
  • If you are a developer, please include links to your relevant work (plugin/modpack page, GitHub profile, etc.)


All applicants will be expected to verify his/her identity.
Content creators may expedite the application process, by sending a message through YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or Discord (@CubedHost#0675).
Non-profit representatives and school/educational group representatives must provide proof of association with the school/group/organization they are applying on behalf of.

Wait Time

All conversations typically receive a response within 30 minutes or less. Applications will be directed to our Partnerships Success team and further response from there is generally received within 12-24 hours, if not much less time. However, some applications warrant further review. We thank you for your patience!

Notice to Applicants

We reserve the right to decline any application.

Applications may be declined at any time, for any reason. We are not obligated to provide a reason as to why an application has been declined.

Possible reasons your application may be declined

Association with depictions and/or language relating to extreme/graphical violence, sexual content, substance abuse, and/or illegal activities; negative history/commentary regarding another partnered company (previous or current); clear violations of affiliated company EULAs, Terms of Service, etc.; politically-charged content and/or affiliations with strongly associated political movements.

Content Restrictions

As we often cater to parents and young children, we are unlikely to consider applications if your channel regularly includes mature gameplay elements. Common examples include PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gameplay, Red Dead Redemption gameplay, Grand Theft Auto gameplay or any form of online gambling.

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