If you have friends or server admins that need administrative access to your server for any reason, you should never share your password. Instead, we've implemented administrative capabilities into our Prisma control panel so you can give other users permission to manage your server.


Though we plan to expand on permission capabilities in the future, Prisma server admins currently have full access to server management (with the exception of "Manage Users" and "Reset Server"). This means that virtually anything you can access after you select your "Manage Server" button is something your server admin would also be able to access. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to carefully consider who you choose to give access to.

Server admins are only able to manage servers they are given access to, nothing more. This means that they are unable to view your support requests, billing information, other servers, etc. If you do have someone that you'd like to give additional permissions to in regards to support and billing, please contact our team for additional assistance.

Adding a Server Admin in Prisma

  1. If he or she does not already have an account on Prisma, please have them register for one here: https://prisma.cubedhost.com/register 
  2. Once they have created their account, ask them to provide you with the email address they've used to create their Prisma account.
  3. Log into your own Prisma control panel and manage the server you wish for the user to have admin access to.
  4. Go to "Advanced" > "Manage Users".
  5. Enter in the email address provided by your server admin and select the "Add" button.

So long as your admin registered their account appropriately and you've used the correct email address, everything should be working as expected.

Removing a Server Admin in Prisma

You can remove any server admins at any time by simply accessing your users list ("Advanced" > "Manage Users") and selecting the red "X" beside their email address.

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