If you're having trouble starting starting up your Minecraft client and/or connecting to your server, it may be due to lack of memory being dedicated to the game. This is especially important when it comes to mods, as they can be rather demanding. So long as your computer has enough memory available, it's recommended that you dedicate at least 4GB of memory to your Minecraft launcher when running mods in order to ensure the game can run sufficiently.

Though CubedHost is not affiliated with any of these launchers in any way, this guide is here to help you be able to connect to your server. Please note that, as launchers can change at any time, these directions may change at any time. If you ever need help, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Minecraft Launcher

Go to the "Launch options" tab, enable the "Advanced Settings" option, select your Minecraft profile, enable the "JVM arguments" option and change "-Xmx1G" to "-Xmx#G", replace # with the amount of RAM you'd like to allocate to Minecraft in GB.


Click "Settings" -> "Java/Minecraft" tab, select new RAM value from "Maximum Memory/RAM" dropdown menu, click save.

Twitch (Formerly Curse / CurseForge) Launcher

Click your username in the top right corner, click "Settings" -> "Minecraft". Scroll down to the "Java Settings" section and move the slider around to change the maximum memory allocated to Minecraft, click "Done".

Technic Launcher

Click "Launcher Options", open the "Java Settings" tab, change the "Memory" dropdown to the amount of RAM that you'd like to allocate to Minecraft, no need to press save. It's saved automatically.

Legacy FeedTheBeast (FTB) Launcher

Click "Options", then move the "RAM Maximum (MB) slider" around to your desired memory amount.

Void Launcher

Click the gear in the top right corner, change the "Max:" under the "Minecraft: Options" to increase the amount of RAM (this is in MB instead of GB, so we suggest 4000MB).

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