The most common issue we see when users are unable to connect to FTP via a third-party client, such as FileZilla, is invalid credentials. However, there are some other reasons you may be having trouble. We've included some helpful information below but please do contact us if you don't find anything that helps!

I copy/pasted the details and I still can't connect...

Here are some tips to ensure that everything has been entered correctly.

  1. You're using the correct username, similar to [email protected]_ID_HERE, found under Advanced > FTP Access in Prisma. For example: [email protected] 

  2. There are no spaces before, after, or inside of the hostname, username, and port number. This will cause errors 100% of the time as there are no spaces in the hostname, username, or port on any of our systems.

  3. You're using the correct password for Prisma. If you do not remember your Prisma password, but are currently logged in, consider resetting it through this link:

The last item shown in the log is "Command: AUTH SSL"!

Please ensure that you've accepted the SSL certificate upon being prompted to do so. Otherwise, modify your hostname to start with ftpes://.
For example: ftpes://

The last item shown in the log is "Response: 530 Login authentication failed" or "Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server"!

This typically indicates that your password is incorrect. Double-check your details. If you've followed the tips above (under "I copy/pasted...") and you still cannot connect, please ensure that your server is active (not "Terminated" or "Suspended"). If you are unsure of the status of your service, feel free to contact our team.

If my server is suspended or in lock mode, can I still connect to FTP?

No, you will not be able to connect to your server or access files in any way when it is in Lock Mode or Suspended status. If your server has been suspended due to non-payment and you do not wish you continue your service but need a copy of your files, please contact our team.

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