We currently use different control panels for our Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, TeamSpeak 3, web hosting, and bare metal servers. You may find more details below.
Our eventual goal is to use Prisma, our fully custom control panel, as an all-in-one solution for game server management.

Minecraft: Java Edition

All Java Edition servers are managed using Prisma, a panel built entirely from the ground up by the CubedHost development team. Prisma was built with years of experience and feedback in mind, designed to be a solution that is easy to use and intuitive. We continue to accept feedback and improve Prisma even more with the help of our customers and staff team.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Our Pocket Edition servers are currently still being managed using a modified version of Multicraft, built into our website.

TeamSpeak 3

Our TeamSpeak servers are managed using TCAdmin, though all server owners are given privilege keys so you have free access to the usual server customization within your TS3 client as well, of course.

Web Hosting

For those that are running the free web hosting plan offered as an addon to our Minecraft services, the plan is managed through cPanel.

Bare Metal

Bare metal clients are welcome to select any control panel of their choosing, most commonly Multicraft or McMyAdmin. Prisma is not yet available for bare metal customers.

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