At CubedHost, we're perfecting the art of game server hosting. While a huge part of this is ensuring that we provide powerful, reliable servers, for us it's also about having an amazing team behind it all.

All of our team members work remotely from anywhere in the world. You set your own schedule and are paid for your time worked, simple as that. We throw in some other perks, too, like free games, gift events, and the occasional free pizza. šŸ•šŸ„³

General Requirements for All Positions

Due to the nature of our business, you should be patient and understanding of the fact that we, as a company, cater to folks of all ages and walks of life.
A professional attitude and a strong work ethic are required, as well as a reliable Internet connection, laptop/desktop workstation, and superior typing skills (minimum 60 WPM).
Gaming and/or server hosting experience are recommended for any position.
All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply

Please attach your resume in an email to [email protected]

When will I hear back?

If we are interested, you will typically hear back by email within 10-15 working days.Ā 


You may reach out to our team at any time using the blue bubble found in the bottom-right of our website. If you feel you have a sensitive matter to discuss, please reach out here and our team will direct you to the appropriate place. Thank you!

Available Positions

Game Server Specialist

As a Game Server Specialist, you specialize in game server knowledge. You are an important point of contact for all customers of CubedHost, available to help when anything goes wrong and/or simply gets confusing. Responsibilities include troubleshooting, installing mods, updating servers, and answering general questions.


  • Previous job experience with a game server provider or a related position, such as technical or customer support
  • Proven ability to identify customer needs and provide accurate resolutions
  • Empathetic and personable; ability to provide understandable, friendly responses
  • Ability to consistently learn and keep up with game updates and changes
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Accountable and trustworthy
  • Willing to participate in team activities, such as focus meetings
  • Willing to learn and adapt to new work environments and responsibilities
  • Highly proficient in English; ability to type clear and accurate sentences

Recommended Skills

  • Previous experience hosting/managing your own game server(s)
  • Previous experience with game server provider(s)
  • Previous experience with a conversation-based, ticket, or live chat support system
  • Previous experience with WHMCS or a similar platform

Digital Marketing Coordinator

You'll engage with our public audience through social media, our website, and other relevant sites. This role includes additional marketing tasks, such as creating marketing campaigns, responding to reviews, developing and publishing media content, tracking KPI's, and more.


  • 1-2 years of professional experience in advertising, communications, marketing, and/or public relations (or similar experience)
  • Highly proficient with at least 1-2 social media outlets (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Experience with social media management tools (such as Crowdfire and Tweetdeck)
  • Ability to multi-task with exceptional organizational skills
  • Ability to work with limited guidance, follow up, and complete goals with flexible delivery dates
  • Willing to collaborate in a team environment as needed
  • Strong communication and writing skills; must be able to present ideas and information clearly, personify, and adjust your tone with the audience in mind
  • Highly proficient in English; ability to type clear and accurate sentences

Recommended Skills

  • Experience with Ghost or similar blogging platform(s)
  • Experience with at least one type of CRM or customer engagement platform
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud / Photoshop
  • Experience with Google Analytics
  • Previous job experience working with a game server provider or a similar company
  • Strong familiarity with YouTube and/or Twitch

Development and OperationsĀ 

Interested in a developer position with CubedHost?

Please send your resume to [email protected] and include any relevant links, such as GitHub projects and/or LinkedIn.
Unsolicited requests received outside of our jobs email will be ignored.

Full-Stack, Prisma Development Team

We are seeking a full-stack developer that either specializes in or has strong experience with JavaScript frameworks including Node.JS.

If you have experience with assistive technology and/or human/computer interaction, please include this in your resume.

Mobile App Developer

We are seeking a short-term mobile app developer with experience developing applications for Android and iOS. Native React experience is required.


CubedHost seeks to maintain an inclusive, welcoming environment for all. We do not, and will not, discriminate based on age, ancestry, color, disability, gender (including identity and/or expression), marital status, military status, sexual orientation, or race in any of our activities or operations, including the hiring or termination of any staff members.

Please note that CubedHost is a registered Limited Liability Company. We do not offer volunteer positions. If you are interested in assisting our team, please review the available positions and requirements listed above.

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