How do I get my server files before you close?

If your server is still active (the dashboard loads in Prisma, you can connect as a player, and you can connect to FTP), you can still download your files.

All services will be discontinued as of December 30, 2021.

How do I know if you've already closed my server?

If you can no longer connect as a player, your Prisma dashboard only loads partially, or you're unable to connect via FTP, your server has been discontinued.

How do I get my files if I still have access?

We strongly recommend using FTP to download your files if you are not using the migration tool in Prisma. The guides below can help:

You may not have enough time to download all files before we close your server.

If your backup does not finish, do not panic! Reach out and we'll send them your way.

You already closed my server. How do I get my files?

Recovery backups, taken before server shutdown, are available until Mar 31, 2022.

To request a recovery backup, email "[email protected]" from the email address associated with your CubedHost account. It may take a few days for us to contact you with a download link to your files. We cannot provide files to admins.

PLEASE NOTE: If your server was canceled voluntarily, was terminated due to non-payment, or was canceled prior to December 1st, we no longer its files.

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