In the past several days, as everyone hears the news, we've received this question a lot. Today, I got a thorough version of this question and I found myself typing before I could even think about the right words. I'm so confident in what made us one of the best Minecraft hosts out there, that it was beyond easy to share.

We know we're still not everyone's favorite host, we're not the best host for everyone, and we may not even be "the best" (if such a thing ever existed); however, we have tried our best to provide the best. I'm going to share today's response with you below.

I hope it helps. ­čĺÖ

TL;DR, be good people, hire good people, support good people... get it?

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a good experience elsewhere! If I'm being honest, the majority of what we've done right as a business was listening to our team members and customers.
´╗┐Each member we've ever had on our small team (it's almost never been over ten people in total) has brought unique perspectives and knowledge about hosting game servers, technical aspects behind the scenes, or more. Our customers and even the players on customer servers helped give us a vantage point on how our servers perform and what we could do better. When feedback comes in, it's best to listen and consider what that person is suggesting and what out of that feedback you may be able to process into making the experience better.
´╗┐Even all the way up the ladder, you have our founders, Bill and Justin, who started CubedHost out of high school not with the goal of making tons of money or starting a company that would last a decade, but the goal of hosting servers that weren't trash. They started on okay hardware in a shoddy datacenter and worked their way up to add better hardware, more locations, more team members, and here we are, ten years later, with amazing history from team members, to partners, to every person who has ever supported us.
´╗┐CubedHost has never been about making money, and maybe that's a big part of why it's time to call it quits, but this is also one of the biggest reasons we made it well beyond the years that most small businesses fail within. When you piece together good and knowledgeable people, decent hardware, global locations, and you actually care to listen and not "make bank", you might find yourself with years of memories and a plethora of amazing (and some hilarious or plain awful, let's keep it honest) experiences behind you.
´╗┐I've said as much a million times in the past week, but it really is our community that pushed us to be better. "Perfecting the art of game server hosting" was our mission for a long time; nothing can ever be perfect, but we hope we've made a lasting impact that other providers can learn from.

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