Why are you closing? What's the full story?

It ultimately comes down to the fact that it's been ten years of ups and downs, on top of the pandemic hitting us harder than we'd care to admit. While we did experience an influx at the start of the pandemic, the majority are going back to work/school/etc. and Minecraft is not without its lulls in popularity. We'd rather say goodbye on a high note than fail you down the line. Anything beyond this is, frankly, personal.

What about my server files?

Please see our guide on file collection here for further help:

Will I get a refund for time paid beyond closure dates?

We are reviewing all accounts with services paid beyond closure dates and issuing refunds on a tapered timetable; however, as all services have been discontinued, asset sales must be finalized before we can process all refunds due. If you have not already received a refund, one will be issued no later than January 31, 2022.

Please note that we are unable to refund transactions made over 180 days ago.

What about the CubedHost team? Are you okay?

We really appreciate your consideration for our team! We believe we'll all land on our feet! We're excited about the adventures ahead.

Is anyone from the CubedHost team transferring to Nodecraft?

While we cannot speak for everyone on our team (this is private), we can tell you that no one from CubedLeadership will be joining the Nodecraft team.

Will CubedHost ever come back?

The short answer is no.

What are you going to do with Prisma?

Prisma, our game server control panel, in its current state, will be discontinued; however, we are laying the foundation for Prisma v2, which will be open source and is expected to launch in 2022. To keep up-to-date, join our Discord.

What about your community Discord server?

Our community Discord has been repurposed as a home for CubedHost alums and the Prisma v2 development community. Join our Discord by clicking here.

Can I buy CubedHost?

The short answer is no. We are not interested in selling, acquisition, merging, or anything else you may have in mind. Stop asking.

Can you tell me more about the assets you're selling?

You can review all available assets for sale here: https://assets.cubedhost.com

For inquiries, offers, or anything related, please email [email protected]

I want to remember CubedHost. Do you have merch?

We do have some leftover merch including stickers, smooth-matte buttons, acrylic pins, wristbands, and business cards. We also have a number of old hard drives (no cash value). For inquiries or requests, please email [email protected]

For international users, please be aware of shipping expenses and restrictions.

What's this I'm hearing about merch?

After so many requests for merch and remembrance items, we launched an online storefront via Bonfire to bring you merch we're unable to offer directly. It features many designs by Vivi Piña (https://instagram.com/vivianamphibian)

You can visit our store here: https://bonfire.com/store/cubedhost-nostalgia

NOTE: If you are in Australia or any other country with shipping restrictions due to COVID-19, please wait to place an order until any restrictions are lifted.

Can I have something signed by CubedHost staff?

As our staff has been located all over the world, it's not feasible to have the full team sign one item; however, you can request something signed by the owners of CubedHost: Bill and Dez Ewing. If you'd like something signed, please specify this in your request. Note that we cannot sign merch purchased via Bonfire as it's shipped directly to you.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Every part of CubedHost has helped us reach a decade of hosting and that means the world to us. Whether you've ever hosted with us, visited our website, supported a partner, shared a post on socials, or supported us in any way... we appreciate you more than words can say!

You can help by continuing to support small businesses, content creators, and the gaming community by doing what you've done for us. Thank you! 💙

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