Q: When will Closed Alpha begin?

A: We anticipated launching Closed Alpha on Friday, April 30th, 2021; however, it has been delayed in order to ensure security and usability. We'll provide more information by email to qualified users.

Q: How do I register to participate in the Closed Alpha?
A: Right here, folks!

Q: Where do I report bugs or send feedback?

A: More information will be provided to participants once Closed Alpha begins.

Q: How do I manage my server?

A: You'll be able to manage your server and access files within Prisma.

Q: Can I invite friends to play on the server with me?

A: Yes! We encourage you to bring friends to help you test our new servers.


Q: Will I get to choose the location of the server?

A: Yes! Any of our 13 global locations are at your disposal. While you may see the best connection from the location nearest you, feel free to transfer the server across the world and see how it performs!

Q: Will CubedHost purchase any games for me?

A: No. You must own the game in order to participate in game server testing.

Q: Can I get multiple free servers if I test more than one product/game?

A: You may choose up to three (3) products to test per phase.

Q: Am I automatically enrolled in your Beta phase if I participate in Alpha?

A: No, though you will be given first priority if you provided feedback during Alpha.

Q: Do I get to keep my files at the end of the testing phase?

A: Yes! If you need help collecting your files near the end of Closed Alpha, reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help.

Q: What if I want to keep the server? Can I pay?

A: All active servers will be terminated at the end of Closed Alpha unless you've expressed interest in Beta testing. Alpha-to-Beta testers will have the option to convert their server to a paid plan at product launch.

Free $10 Steam Gift Card

Q: Do I get anything for participating?

A: Aside from that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you've helped someone, and a free server during the testing, you may be eligible for a free $10 Steam gift card by providing useful feedback during Closed Alpha.

Q: How soon after providing feedback do I get my free $10 Steam card?

A: Eligible participants will receive their $10 Steam card within 48 hours once the testing phase is complete.

Q: What makes me eligible for the $10 Steam card?

A: You must provide worthy feedback during the Closed Alpha testing phase. Only one card will be awarded per participant.

Q: Can I choose $10 for a different platform? e.g. Xbox

A: We are limited rewards to Steam only at this time.

Behind the Scenes

Q: What hardware are you using for these new game servers?

A: You'll find our hardware specifications here. We're committed to providing the quality performance our users have come to expect and love from our Minecraft offerings.

Q: What about mods?

A: We're still working on some aspects of modding capabilities internally, specifically for addons that require command line changes. If no changes to the command line are necessary, it should work without a hitch!

Q: Will all settings and features be available?

A: Yes! While we're working on the Prisma side of the settings and config editors, you're always welcome to edit your configuration files directly through Prisma's File Manager or by FTP.

Q: Are these servers DDoS protected?

A: Like our Minecraft servers, any new product will be covered with multi-gigabit DDoS protection.

Q: How soon can we expect these new game servers to go live?

A: Our current timeline calls for new game servers by June 1st, 2021.

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