What is view distance?

View distance on the server-side is a setting that determines the radius in which players can view your world. The higher the value, the higher the demand for resource usage on your server.

How do I adjust my Bedrock server's view distance?

You can update server-side view distance at any time through your Settings panel in Prisma. You'll find this under the Customize menu! Be sure to save your changes then restart your server once you're done!

Can I set my view distance to anything I want?

Your view distance will be set to 10 by default and we don't recommend going above this, as doing so may impact have a severe impact on your server; however, you can set the view distance up to a maximum of 32.

Can my server handle a higher view distance?

We proudly host all of our servers on hardware explicitly selected to offer high performance; however, Mojang is still working on improving optimization on Bedrock. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you keep your server's view distance at 10 or below.

When should I lower my view distance?

If you are noticing performance issues or your server is already resource-intensive (large amounts of redstone, machinery, farms, automation, etc.), you should consider lowering your view distance.

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