Whitelisting allows you to secure your server by restricting who can and cannot join your server. A whitelist is a list of players that are approved to join.
The only non-whitelisted players that may join are players that have operator (op) permissions.

To enable or disable whitelisting, you need only toggle the setting within your Prisma control panel. This toggle can be found in your settings panel on the “OVERVIEW” page or in the Settings panel under “CUSTOMIZE” > “SETTINGS”.
Once you've found the Whitelist toggle, enable it, save your change, then start/restart your server.

To add or remove players to and from the whitelist, you will need to use the appropriate command either through your server's console or as an opped player in-game.

Due to the formatting required in later versions of Minecraft, you should never modify your JSON files directly. Incorrect modifications can result in file corruption, which may result in the whitelist to fail and/or may prevent your server from starting.

The commands needed to add/remove players and to view the whitelist are as follows:

To add players: whitelist add player_name
To remove players: whitelist remove player_name
To view the whitelist: whitelist list

Be sure to replace "player_name" with the username of the player you wish to add or remove from the whitelist.

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