As a partner, we will do our best to fully sponsor any servers, including bare metal, that you may need. We take into consideration many factors, including server usage, tenure as a partner, referral statistics, and more.

Can anyone request a bare metal server or VPS?

Any official partner of CubedHost can request these products. If you are not a partner but feel you need a dedicated server, please provide more information to our team.

If I don't need a bare metal server, can I still request one?

Yes, though you may be ineligible for a full sponsorship. If this is the case, we're still able to offer most hardware at a much lower rate than retail.

What are the benefits of a bare metal server or shared?

Bare metal servers are entirely dedicated to you (no neighbors) and allow you to be more selective when it comes to hardware and configuration choices, like what operating system is installed. Though we're confident in our shared services and the quality we provide, a bare metal server may be more ideal for some use cases.

What about Minecraft: Education Edition?

If you are one of our educational partners, we may be able to sponsor a VPS or bare metal server for you to deploy Minecraft: Education Edition. However, we are unable to purchase licenses on your behalf or sponsor licensing.

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