In order to keep the servers safe for Truly Bedrock members (shout out to some of our partners: silentwisperer, SlackLizard, and Lyarrah!), their servers are known to be kept private. However, you can find some world and resource pack downloads on their website!

How do I purchase my own server?

We'd love to have you with us here at CubedHost! You can purchase your own server by going through our checkout process starting here.

How much memory do I need?

We recommend starting with 1GB depending on your server plans. Every server is unique, so you may need more or less depending on different things, like your player count, addons, etc. You can always upgrade or downgrade at any time if your memory amount is too much or not enough.

How do I upload a Truly Bedrock world to my server?

You're almost there! Once you've got the map you want to play downloaded to your computer, go ahead and follow our guide on how to upload your own world/map.

Need help?

You can reach our team at any time through the blue bubble in the bottom-right of our website or email us at [email protected].

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