If you're looking for an impermanent solution to an unruly player, or simply looking to troll some friends, you can use the kick feature built into Minecraft servers.

What does it mean to "kick" a player?

By kicking someone from your server, you are force-disconnecting them from your server. This action won't close the player's Minecraft client, but it will show them a message so they will know they have been kicked.

Can a kicked player reconnect?

Kicked players can reconnect at any time, assuming they haven't been banned from the server and/or removed from an active whitelist.

Can I kick a player for any reason?

Any reason, or no reason at all, can be used to kick a player from your server.

Can any player kick any player? Can I be kicked from my own server?

Only server operators (opped players) or those with access to the server's console have the power to kick players from the server. With the right permissions or access, you can kick any player, including the owner of the server.

How do I kick a player from my server?

To kick an online player from your server, you'll use the kick command.
As an opped player, this can be done in-game using /kick playerName reasonHere
From your server's console, this can be done using kick playerName reasonHere

Do I have to include a reason?

No. If you do not include a reason for kicking the player, a default, generic message will be displayed to them upon disconnect.

Can I unkick someone?

As a kick results in a forced disconnect, you cannot take this action back. You cannot force-connect anyone back to your server.

How do I know when to kick someone?

The kick command is most often used as a warning to unruly players (e.g. A moderator tells the player to stop spamming but they refuse). Whether or not you choose to kick players from your server, and when you do it, is entirely up to you.

Is there a way to stop the player from coming back?

To block connections to your server, you can either use a whitelist or you can ban individual players. A ban can be temporary or permanent. A whitelist allows only specified players to join your server, blocking any players not whitelisted.

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