Please note: This is only a temporary solution that will be superseded by an improved version selection tool, similar to the PocketMine and Minecraft: Java Edition version selection.

To set the version of your Bedrock Alpha server with CubedHost, all you need to do is set your intended game version in the .game_version file in the root of your server's FTP / File Manager.

Important: This would be the game version as listed in the Bedrock Alpha server download, not the version found in the console. For Bedrock v1.16.100.4, you'd want to set the version to Likewise, to rollback to v1.16.40.2, you'll want to set the .game_version file to

My server isn't starting! What do I do?

If the version provided is not available or does not exist, your server will not start and will provide minimal information until further notice. This is due to the interim fix to rollback the version until a more user-friendly update can resolve this permanently.

Will my server automatically update?

There's two answers to this question:

  1. If you have a .game_version file and the version is set in that file, you will not see any automatic updates until that file is deleted.

  2. If you have deleted or have never had a .game_version file, your server will automatically update until that file exists.

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