What is Geyser?

GeyserMC is a third-party plugin for Java Edition servers that allows Bedrock players to connect as they would be able to for any Bedrock server. While it's not a perfect solution, it's a great way to connect Bedrock and Java players. If you'd like to keep up-to-date on the latest issues/changes, you can check out Geyser's GitHub page.

What is Floodgate?

By default, players joining a Java Edition server through Geyser will be prompted to log in to a Java Edition account in order to be able to connect. Floodgate is a plugin that works with Geyser to allow Bedrock players to join a server with their Bedrock account, which is useful for players that may not have a Java Edition account.

When using Floodgate, you may notice that a prefix is added to usernames. This is done to prevent users from sharing the same username. By default, an asterisk (*) is used as the prefix for Bedrock users. For example, if your Bedrock username was Jeb_ it would appear as *Jeb_ once you've connected with Bedrock through Geyser.

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How do I install Geyser?

The installation process for Geyser and Floodgate is a bit involved, so please feel free to reach out to our team along the way if you need to!

  1. Ensure that your server is running Paper or Spigot. You can learn more on how to switch your server type here.

  2. If you were not already running Paper or Spigot, restart your server now. This will prompt your server to generate a plugins folder for you.

  3. Download the latest version of Geyser.

  4. Navigate to the plugins folder. You'll find this in your File Manager in Prisma, in the Customize menu. Open the plugins folder by double-clicking on its line.

  5. Upload the Geyser-Spigot.jar file to the plugins folder by dragging and dropping the file from your computer into the file manager or by using the Upload button.

  6. Once the upload is complete, start your server. It may take some time to fully start, as it needs to generate the necessary configuration files.

  7. Once the server has started, press stop, let the server shut down, and go back to your plugins folder.

  8. Open the config.yml and change the address setting under the "bedrock" section from to your server's IP address without the port (your server's IP address can be found on your Prisma dashboard). Do the same under the "remote" section and change auto to your server's IP address without the port.

  9. Start your server. It should successfully launch with Geyser!

After completing these steps, Bedrock players should be able to connect to your Java Edition server by using your server's IP address with the default port (19132) on their Bedrock client. Users will need to login to their Java Edition account when connecting unless you install the Floodgate plugin.

How do I install Floodgate?

  1. Download the latest version of Floodgate.

  2. Upload the Floodgate-Bukkit.jar files to the plugins folder by dragging and dropping the files into the file manager or by using the Upload button.

  3. Restart your server to generate the necessary configuration files, allow the server to fully stop, fully start, then return to your plugins folder.

  4. Open the Geyser-Spigot folder.

  5. Open the Geyer-Spigot config.yml, then change the auth-type from online to floodgate, then save the changes and restart your server.

Once your server has started up, Bedrock players should be able to join your server without logging into a Java Edition account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the asterisk (*) in front of Bedrock player usernames?

This is added by Floodgate to prevent problems when a Bedrock user has the same name as a Java Edition user. If you'd like to change the prefix or remove it, this can be done in Geyser-Spigot's config.yml file by editing the prefix option.

How do I whitelist players once Floodgate has been installed?

Turn off the whitelist, allow the player to join your server, then whitelist them with the /whitelist add *playerNameHere command, then re-enabling the whitelist. As Floodgate does add an asterisk (*) to the front of usernames by default, you'll need to include an asterisk at the start of the player's username.

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