Fabric is an up-and-coming mod platform that serves as an alternative to Forge. The two are not inter-compatible, so make sure you pick which one suits your needs best! If you are looking to set up Forge instead, check out this article. Otherwise, read on below! 

How do I install Fabric?

  1. Download the Fabric installer from here. Run the installer and be sure to select the installation for server, otherwise, you might end up downloading the client version of Fabric.

  2. Run the installer, click the "Server" tab, and select the version of Minecraft that you'd like to install Fabric for and the Fabric loader version, then click "Install".

  3. Once the installation completes, you should see a popup that reads "Server successfully installed". Click "Download server jar" on this window, then click "Done" once it finishes and exit out of the installer.

  4. Go to the location that the files were installed to, then rename the fabric-server-launcher.jar file to custom.jar .

  5. Open your Prisma control panel and head to the file manager by hovering over "Customize" and clicking "File Manager".

  6. Once the file manager loads, upload the server.jar file to the / folder, then open the jar folder and upload the custom.jar file there.

  7.  Head back to the "Overview" tab in Prisma, then click "Change" in the server type field, select "Custom" as the server source, then click "Continue" -> "Install" and startup your server to launch Fabric.

How do I install Fabric mods and the Fabric API?

  1. Ensure you have completed steps 1-7 shown above, and your server is running the appropriate version of Fabric for the mods you're looking to install.

  2. Navigate to the File Manager within Prisma ("Customize" -> "File Manager").

  3. Open the mods folder, or create and then open it if it does not yet exist.

  4. Either drag-and-drop each individual mod .jar file into the folder, OR add each file using the "Upload" section toward the top-right of the panel.

  5. Once you have uploaded every mod you plan on using to the server, restart the server and you should be good to go!

Why aren't my mods working?

Fabric mods require both the server to be running the Fabric server software and the Fabric API. The Fabric API is the core library and used by mods using the Fabric toolchain. To install the Fabric API, you will need to download it from here. Once downloaded, the Fabric API can be installed the same way as a normal Fabric mod.

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