The Service is not restricted by any standard limitation practice and thus CubedHost allows the Customer to use any system resources deemed necessary for the Service. In order to ensure the fair behavior among other Customer(s) sharing the same physical system(s) as the Customer, this document outlines the policies set by the Company to ensure performance stability among the Company's infrastructure.

The Customer shall:

  • Attempt to use Company provided Database services where possible. CubedHost offers free MySQL hosting with minimal disk space restrictions. For Minecraft services, this is ideal for plugins/mods such as Dynmap and CoreProtect.

  • Ensure any unnecessary archives and old archives are downloaded and removed from the server appropriately.

  • For Minecraft services, ensure Forge is configured to keep a maximum of 5 backups. Alternatively, the Customer may use Prisma to schedule a backup task and disable mod-based local backups. The two should not be combined and would be considered disk utilization abuse and would be rectified by the Team by disabling mod-based local backups.

  • For world / generated terrain games, such as Minecraft, avoid generating worlds over 20GB.

  • For worlds over 10GB, the Customer will use off-site backups and disable local backups. Service(s) utilizing the built-in Prisma local backup functionality may have their tasks suspended.

The Customer shall not:

  • Consider the Service as a personal file storage with backups.

  • Attempt to utilize more than their share of resources

The Customer is encouraged to reach out to the Team for any inquiries in regards to the Fair Use policy and as to what they can or cannot do.

In the event that the Customer is not abiding by the Fair Use Policy, we may make adjustments to the Customer's configuration(s) to ensure the stability of the Company's platform. For potential critical data loss, the Company will reach out to the Customer at least 24 hours prior to the change taking place and/or work with the customer to migrate data. Non-critical data may be reset during a configuration change.

Internet Protocol Addressing & Port Utilization

The Customer will ensure their Service does not bind to any other Customer(s) Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address") and will localize their add-ons to use the ports available on their individual IP Address. If a port is deemed unavailable for a Service, the Customer may use any port between 30,000 to 40,000 bound on their assigned IP Address. The Service is not guaranteed the use of any individual port other than the assigned IP(s) and port(s) for their Service.

Abuse & Misuse of Service(s)


The Customer understands that the use of the Service for illicit activities within the operating territory of the Company, currently the United States of America, will be subject to immediate termination and may be reported to the the appropriate authorities. This includes, but is not limited to: creating a phishing website using the Company's website hosting services, hosting illegally obtained or "nulled" website software, issuing a Denial of Service attack against another company/user/infrastructure.

Each Service allows for no more than one (1) process to run on a multi-tenant Node, unless otherwise approved by a member of the Management Team. Service(s) found to be intentionally violating the process limit will be subject to immediate termination.

Distributed / Denial of Service(s) Attack

A (D)DoS attack of any variation on the Company's Node(s) will lead to instant termination without compensation or refund. Any Node may be shared with other Customer(s) and Partner(s) and does not grant the Customer the right to intentionally cause harm to the system or stress test the capabilities of the Service(s) on any given Node(s). Customer(s) found violating this agreement may be subject to litigation by the Company and/or the Upstream Provider(s).

Minecraft / Game Services

The Customer must ensure their Service does not misuse the resources of the Node, including (but not limited to): CPU usage, disk space utilization and network utilization. The Service(s) may be subject to Service Penalties, found at the bottom of the Abuse & Misuse section, at any time that the Service(s) are found to be exceeding Fair Use or violating the Terms. The Customer is expected to make use of the resources available to them on local and remote systems, such as the Database provided with each Service in order to minimize disk utilization.

The Service may not be used to run game servers other than their intended purpose. For example, a Minecraft server may not run Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Service(s) found to be running unauthorized resources will be subject to Termination under the Service Penalties.

Service Penalties for Abuse/Misuse

Service(s) are subject to the following penalties depending on the severity of the case, to be determined by a member of the Management Team. Service(s) subject to penalties are not eligible for financial or other compensation due to service time lost.

  1. Written Warning The Team, where applicable, may issue a written warning via e-mail prior to proceeding with other penalties. The Team is not required to issue the written warning if the abuse is considered a threat to other Service(s) with other Customer(s), such as over-utilization of the disk, CPU, etc.

  2. File Deletion The Team may delete files that are deemed non-critical to the operation of the Service. In the instance of Minecraft server(s), this would include (but is not limited to): Dynmap Web Tiles, mod-based local backups, local archived files. File Deletion will often, where applicable, be in conjunction with a written warning elaborating the change(s) made or needing to be made to become compliant with the Terms or Fair Use policy.

  3. Reconfiguration The Team, usually in conjunction with File Deletion, may reconfigure the Service in order to reduce disk utilization, CPU utilization, etc.

  4. Suspension Service(s) may be suspended in order to prevent additional resource misuse. The Customer will receive a Written Warning and will be asked to review the complaint prior to the Suspension being lifted.

  5. Termination Service(s) may be terminated in order to prevent further misuse, either indicated by previous written warning(s), suspension(s), or by violating the Terms.

  6. Account Termination The Client's account may be terminated and barred from ordering services, managing servers, accessing websites operated by the Company, etc.


  1. Minecraft Services refers to the service(s) provided for virtual server hosting of the game "Minecraft: Java Edition" or "Minecraft", maintained by Mojang AB / Microsoft, Inc. and their appropriate affiliates for various platforms. Use of the Service is subject to Minecraft's Terms of Use and EULA.

  2. Website Hosting refers to service(s) provided for the placement of static or dynamic website content, not to be confused with a website content generator or pre-built portal.

  3. Node refers to a shared physical or virtual server intended for providing the Customer with resources available to the physical or virtual server, such as memory, disk space and network connection, allowing them to run their respective process(es) as defined by the service(s) they've ordered.

  4. Partner refers to a customer whom has become affiliated with the Company where service(s) are provided at a discounted rate in exchange for advertisement and referrals.

  5. Stress Test refers to the testing of a physical or virtual server's resources, such as (but not limited to) RAM, disk space, disk speeds, network connection, attack mitigation or protection, etc.

  6. Upstream Provider refers to the network, physical server, or physical colocation provider for Us, allowing the Service to operate in a secure data center.

  7. Fair Use refers to what is commonly referred to as a "Fair Use policy." Customers are allowed to use a portion of the resources provided by the Node within reason.

  8. Database refers to an additional Service that may not be billed, allowing the Customer to host data on a remote server via the MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc. protocol(s) where applicable.

  9. Team refers to a member or the team of the sales, support, or management teams at CubedHost.

  10. Prisma refers to the custom control panel written by CubedHost.

  11. Partnership refers to a mutually beneficial trade of services, such as discounted or free game server hosting in exchange for advertising.

  12. Applicant refers to an individual applying for a position or agreement between themselves and the Company.

  13. Offer refers to a promotional offer, usually in the form of a discounted service.

  14. Credit Balance refers to a balance accrued by a number of factors: downgrading services before their due date, issuance of downtime compensation, affiliate payouts, etc.

  15. Management Team refers to Members of CubedHost, LLC in the State of Texas or designated Team leads.

  16. Member(s) of CubedHost, LLC refers to those registered as Members for the Limited Liability Company entity in Texas.

  17. Client refers to an account in the CubedHost billing system.

  18. Customer refers to an active Client with or without payment.

  19. Bare Metal refers to a physically dedicated server resold through an Upstream Provider, allowing the Customer to operate their own services, software, and so forth.

  20. Colocation refers to physical hardware provided by the Client being placed in a physical data center, requiring only power, space and network.

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