PocketMine is server software made through community reverse-engineering efforts, and as such it doesn't have 100% of the game's functionality available. Mobs are one such missing feature at this time, but they can be added with plugins. Others, such as command blocks, redstone, and loading PE/Bedrock worlds, are not currently possible to add.

Adding mobs with PureEntitiesX

The most common plugin to add mobs to a PocketMine server is PureEntitiesX. Before installing it, be sure to check the supported API versions to ensure that it matches up with your server version. To install PureEntitiesX, follow the steps below.

  1. Download PureEntitiesX from here.
  2. Hover over "Customize" in Prisma, click "File Manager", then open the plugins folder by double clicking it.
  3. Drag and drop the PureEntitiesX.phar file from your computer into Prisma to upload it to your server.
  4. Once the upload is complete, restart your server to load PureEntities on your server.
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