Experiencing performance issues or just want to get the best performance out of your Minecraft server? These tips can help keep your server running smoothly.

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For Vanilla Servers

Vanilla means you are running the default server type that your server began with. You are not using a modpack, Forge, Paper, or Spigot currently.

Not sure if this is the case for you? Check the Server Type field on your Prisma dashboard. If this starts with "Minecraft" or "Minecraft Snapshot", you are running vanilla.

Switch to an optimized server type: Paper or Spigot

Our go-to recommendation with the most success is the option of changing your server type to Paper or Spigot. Both of these server types mirror vanilla game-play, however, they have optimizations for chunk loading, redstone ticks, and block decay, often resulting in greatly improved performance.

While you can run plugins with these server types, it is entirely optional. So, aside from a performance boost, you can still enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience.

Interested in giving it a try? This article will help you change your server type.

Worried about mob farms, Iron Phoenix, redstone contraptions, etc. breaking?
While Spigot has been known to break these, we've tested many large scale redstone contraptions as well as large mob farms on Paper without issue. However, some farms may and not function as expected, so we always recommend taking a full server backup prior to switching your server type just in case.

Note: Paper for 1.16.4+ does include asynchronous chunk loading which greatly improves server performance even further, especially for those of you looking to use a higher view distance.

For Paper Servers

Paper is a high performance fork of Spigot, a Bukkit-based server type. As described above, it mirrors vanilla game-play (plugins are optional!) and offers the server owner the option to use plugins if they'd like. You can learn more about Paper here.

Change the incremental chunk saving setting

This setting is extremely important for 1.14+ as it greatly optimizes chunk saving, reducing the strain on server resources. To adjust this setting, follow the steps below and remember to restart your server once you've finished.

  1. Open your Prisma dashboard for the server you wish to modify

  2. Navigate to your File Manager (Customize > File Manager)

  3. Open the paper.yml file by selecting the yellow pencil icon beside it

  4. Locate the line that says max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick and adjust the value to 6 (The default is 24, though 6 has been tested and proven to be the most optimized for most servers. Very large servers may use a slightly higher value)

  5. Select the green Save button near the top-right

  6. Restart the server

Limit entity collisions

This setting will help the server's performance greatly if there are mob farms present by limiting how often the mobs bump into each other inside of the farm. 

To adjust this setting, follow the steps below and remember to restart your server once you've finished.

  1. Open your Prisma dashboard for the server you wish to modify

  2. Navigate to your File Manager (Customize > File Manager)

  3. Open the paper.yml file by selecting the yellow pencil icon beside it

  4. Locate the line that says max-entity-collisions and adjust the value to 2 

  5. Select the green Save button near the top-right

  6. Restart the server

For Paper or Spigot Servers

Set a world border and pre-generate your world

Creating a world border and pre-generating all of the chunks will greatly reduce lag caused by players exploring the world as all chunk data will have already been created. As chunk generation has gotten more taxing with more recent versions of Minecraft, this can be especially helpful for 1.14+ servers.

Vanilla Minecraft has its own world border that can be set with the /worldborder set <diameterInBlocks> command. To generate all of the chunks within the vanilla border you can use a plugin like Fast Chunk Pregenerator's /fcp fillvanilla 8 to generate all of the chunks within the border with a buffer of 8 chunks just outside of the border. This guide can help you install a new plugin.

If you prefer to not set a border, Fast Chunk Pregenerator can generate chunks within a radius of your choosing using the /fcp start <radiusInBlocks> command.

For older versions of Minecraft, using WorldBorder to set a border and generate chunks is also an option. A full list of commands can be found here. This guide can help you install a new plugin.

Install the LimitPillagers Plugin

LimitPillagers is a plugin that will limit Pillager spawns around outposts or disable spawning entirely if desired. The plugin can be downloaded here.
This guide can help you install a new plugin.

For All Server Types

Check your server's view distance setting

Server view distance determines how many chunks are loaded around each player and has a serious impact on player performance. We recommend not using any value above 10, especially when using vanilla Minecraft.

This can be modified by going to "Customize" > "Settings" in Prisma, then adjusting the "View Distance" drop-down. Be sure to save your adjustment and restart the server to apply your changes.

Change garbage collection settings

While newer servers will already have garbage collection set to the best mode for your server type, sometimes manual changes will need to be made. To do this, modify the .tweaks file in Prisma's File Manager and set gc-type to auto . This will automatically use the best mode for your server, even if you change your server type.
You can learn more about the Java garbage collection tweaks here.

[Non-modded] Enable Graal JIT Compiler

Graal adds experimental runtime improvements that we've found can improve performance with modern versions of Minecraft. To enable Graal, follow the steps below. Please note that this adjustment is only likely to help with vanilla Minecraft.

  1. Open your Prisma dashboard for the server you wish to modify

  2. Navigate to your File Manager (Customize > File Manager)

  3. Open the .tweaks  file by selecting the yellow pencil icon beside it

  4. Locate enable-graal  and change the value to true  

  5. [Skip this step if you've completed step #4] If you do not see enable-graal  here, either restart your server and start these steps over OR you can add enable-graal=true to the end of the file on its own line (do NOT add it to the same line as another value)

  6. Select the green Save button near the top-right

  7. Restart the server

If you run into any issues starting your server with Graal enabled, you'll also need to set your server to use Java 11. You can find our guide on how to swap to Java 11 here.

[1.13+] Disable Autosave on Prisma

With the Update Aquatic launch, Minecraft introduced several improvements that have made the Autosave feature redundant. Therefore, disabling it won’t have any negative effects on your server and should improve performance. If anything goes wrong, just remember that we automatically back up your server three times a day, just in case!

Schedule daily restarts

Daily restarts are good for any server type and are especially helpful in keeping servers running smoothly. This article will help you set up a scheduled task.

Reduce the number of mob farms and entities on your server

Chunk loaders and mob farms use a lot of resources, so keeping your farms small in both size and number will help greatly. If you're not sure which entities are causing problems on the server, the guides below on collecting performance information will help you determine this. In any case, it's always helpful to remove any unnecessary or unused farms that you may no longer need.

Collecting Performance Information

[Vanilla] Run a debug

Using the debug command will generate a profile that can then be read to find out what exactly is using up the server’s resources. First, use /debug start when you begin to notice lag. Next, wait at least 5 minutes, then use /debug stop. This will create a text file inside the debug folder on the server. If you're not sure what all those numbers mean, it's okay! Just contact us and we'll be happy to review the profile for you. Just be sure you've run this when you're experiencing lag and that you've run it for at least several minutes for the report to contain useful information.

[Paper/Spigot] Collect a Timings Report

While these server types also support the debug command, a timings report will collect even more information and present it in an easy-to-read format. First, use /timings on when the server begins to lag. Let it run for at least 5 minutes, then use timings paste . This will generate a URL which you can then copy and paste into a support chat with us. We'll be happy to review this for you and offer assistance!

For Paper, you only need to run timings paste as it automatically begins collecting timings when the server starts. The link generated will include a "Lag" tab so you can easily spot what is using up resources.

[Modded] Run Sampler

For modpacks, you'll need to install the Sampler mod (this guide can help you install a mod). Once it's installed and the server has been restarted, run sampler start, wait 5 minutes, then use sampler stop. Then, you'll need to export it using sampler export filename.nps . The "filename" can be anything, so pick a name that works for you. Once it's saved, let us know and we'll be happy to read the report for you!

Need human help?

Our team is here for you. You can contact us 24/7 and our team will always get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We understand how frustrating any server problems can be, especially lag, and we also understand how important it is to keep your server running at its best for your players. We want you to enjoy your servers as much as we do.

How do I reach out?

You can reach us at any time by clicking on the blue button found in the bottom-right corner of the website. Don't see it? Check this guide for help or try emailing us.

What should I include in my message to help the team help me?

Thanks for asking! If you're reaching out, it's always helpful to have as much key information as possible regarding the trouble you're facing. Please try to include responses to the following in your first message to our team so we can better understand what you and/or your players are experiencing and what we can do to help.

  1. Have you already tried any steps to resolve the issues you're experiencing? If so, what changes have you made? Have any of these changes helped at all?

  2. Are all players being affected or does it seem to be only a select few? If only certain players are being affected, please provide their usernames.

  3. Have you recently made any big changes on/to your server, such as changing the server type, adding any plugins/mods, adding/removing datapacks, and/or adding any large farms?

  4. When did you begin experiencing lag issues?

  5. Is the lag constant or does it only happen at certain times and/or when you're in a certain area of your world?

If you're unsure of the answers to these questions, don't worry! Any information you can provide for the above should help and we appreciate your effort.

How long will it take for someone to get back to me?

Our average response time across all departments is typically anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours or more. Response times vary based on the department and the nature of the conversation. For example, you may experience longer wait times if you're expecting a response from our management team, development team, or if your conversation requires further investigation.

I feel like this is taking too long. Should I follow up or open a new conversation?

Our team responds to conversations in the order received or replied to based on a queue system. For this reason, we ask that you only open one conversation per request/concern and try to keep your responses need-based only. We understand urgency but additional conversations and/or replies will only result in delays and confusion.

Can I just upgrade the server? I feel like more RAM is all I need...

If you are experiencing lag/performance issues on your server, it's very possible that a lack of memory is NOT the culprit. While more memory can help in some cases and can typically be a short-term solution for performance issues, it will not offer a long-term solution unless you are solely and truly experiencing a lack of memory.
This article can help you determine whether or not more memory will help.

What if nothing helps? Can I cancel the server and get a refund?

You are always welcome to cancel your server at any time, however, our team will explore all possible options until you've either stopped responding, canceled your server, or we've exhausted all available options to us.

Refunds are typically available up to one week prior to the end of your billing cycle, however, the funds will be prorated based on the days remaining on your billing cycle unless your server was purchased/renewed within the past 48 hours. Refunds are not automatic or guaranteed. If you decide to cancel your server, you must reach out to our billing team for further assistance so we can review your request.

I'm not getting lag on single-player or any other servers... Why is it just my CubedHost server?

Every server is unique in that it may run on different hardware in different locations with different settings and more. If you're only experiencing an issue on your CubedHost server, it does not necessarily indicate that the issue is CubedHost-related. Our team will explore all possibilities and, rest assured, if there is an issue on our end, we will resolve it to the best of our abilities.

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