Sometimes, it may be necessary to stop a process in the MySQL database associated with your game server. For example, with Minecraft: Java Edition servers and block logging / grief prevention tools like CoreProtect, it may take a long time to purge data and the plugin may halt your server's restart process.

If it hasn't been too long, it may be possible to revert the purge process and simply leave the database as-is until another date. To do this, you'll need to log into the phpMyAdmin link, provided in the MySQL information prompt in Prisma under Advanced > MySQL Database:

Use the information outlined in the information panel, similar to the information above, to log into the phpMyAdmin panel. Please be sure to select the appropriate server region for your MySQL database.

Once logged in, visit the Status > Processes tab, find the process that you're looking to stop, then click Kill on the left side of the process row. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to kill the process, there may be a prompt that states that the query timed out, however, the kill request should still be processing. If you refresh the process list, it will likely show a separate process running KILL <PID>  where <PID> is the process ID of the MySQL query that you previously killed.

When purging data from a database on a conditional basis, the SQL query shown will start with DELETE FROM table_name_here WHERE [...]. 

Here's an example of the MySQL process list. You will only see processes assigned to your MySQL user:

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