What is a billing term?

A billing term is the length of time between payments with regard to renewing your service. For example, a "Monthly" billing term means that you renew every month.

What billing terms can I choose?

We offer billing terms of one, three, or six months. In the future, we hope to expand this to offer billing terms up to twelve months, or even less than one month.

If you're interested in something different, please let us know!

What do I get for paying monthly?

By paying month-to-month, you have access to hundreds of coupons that can only be used on our monthly term, including several codes that help support the official partners of CubedHost. Most coupons provide a discount on your initial purchase and first two renewal payments.

Can I use another coupon later?

Unless otherwise specified, only one coupon may be used per service. On occasion, we may offer discounts on renewal or upgrades to existing customers - be sure to keep an eye out on your email and Twitter for the latest offers!

Can I switch to a longer billing term later?

Yes! At any time, you may reach out to our team to request a longer or shorter billing term. We currently offer terms of one, three, or six months. Changing your billing cycle won't require a restart or affect any of your server files!

What do I get for paying every 3 or 6 months?

We automatically include bonus discounts in our longer billing terms! For renewing every three months, you'll receive an automatic discount of 5% or 10% for renewing every six months.

Are there any coupons for longer billing terms?

The majority of our coupons are restricted to the Monthly billing term; however, we may extend discounts on other terms on occasion.

Can I get a discount for switching to a longer billing term?

While we typically do not extend discounts beyond those included, you're welcome to reach out to our Customer Success team at any time and we'll be happy to look!

We're thankful for our loyal customers and we're always interested in doing what we can to help. 😄

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