Our automated backup system is currently modified due to a fire incident. Please see our status page for further information and updates.

In the best interest in offering as many backups as possible and for the stability of our off-site backups, we must prioritize game content over various types of files that will either consume too much space or cause backups to fail altogether. In this article, we'll provide an overview of our backup policies.

What data is included/excluded in terms of files?

Maximum File Size per file: 1GB

Excluded file paths are:

  • *backup* 

  • *restore*

  • plugins/AntiShare/*

  • plugins/CoreData/*

  • plugins/CoreProtect/database.db*

  • plugins/SWatchdog/*

  • plugins/Logger*

  • *mcmmo_data*

  • *web/tiles/*

  • *save*

  • *.tar

  • *.gz

  • *.zip

  • *.pid

Specifically included file paths are:

  • mods/*

  • coremods/*

  • logs/*.gz

  • */datapacks/*

What table(s) are included/excluded for MySQL data?

Unlike file backups, we are much more laid back about data stored in MySQL, as it is optimized for large datasets.

The following tables are excluded:

  • *Tiles* (source: Dynmap; non-critical)

Why is certain plugin file-based data not backed up?

Plugins like CoreProtect, Dynmap, and mcMMO are able to store their data in an external database service (which we provide for free): MySQL. By using MySQL, your plugin data will be backed up appropriately and can be restored by our management team.

In addition to being able to be backed up, by using MySQL, it allows for the local storage on the individual node that your service(s) are on to be used for the appropriate world files. Overall, this allows better performance for the local disks due to not being used for extraneous files that could be offloaded to another system. This also improves restoration and backup times.

What times do the backups occur?

Off-site File Backups: 6AM, 2PM, & 10PM UTC
Off-site MySQL Backups: 6AM & 6PM Local Time (to the service's region)

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