Here at CubedHost, we believe that it's important to hold ourselves to a high standard, particularly when it comes to service availability. Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, allowing for roughly up to 45 minutes of "acceptable", unexpected downtime per month (excluding scheduled maintenance or migration windows).

In short, this article will provide information as to when you are eligible for a credit for any inconvenience caused by a service disruption outside of the acceptable downtime window(s).

What's covered?

  • Total Network Outages at our upstream(s)

  • Total Hardware Failure after 6 hours

What's not covered?

  • Minecraft or Software bugs; confirmed or otherwise

  • Network Outages at fault of the client's ISP(s)

  • Maintenance; scheduled or emergency

  • Migrations; scheduled or emergency

  • In-Game TPS loss or lag

  • Free Addon Service Unavailability (MySQL, web hosting)

  • Support-related downtime or resolution times

Situation-Specific Compensation

Hardware Failure

Equipment replacement is expected to take no longer than 12 hours.

In the event of the service unavailability beyond the replacement window, compensation will begin at the 4-hour mark.

Instead of awaiting the hardware replacement, customers are welcome to request a transfer to another physical node (within the same location, if available, or another location if preferred). Compensation will not be issued beyond the transfer completion time.

What are the compensation policies?

After the acceptable downtime window of 45 minutes per month, the following compensation policy will take effect.

Compensation Rates

1 day of service per hour of downtime

Maximum Potential Compensation

The potential compensation is no more than 100% of any amount paid for the current Billing Month, no matter the number of SLA eligible events. If you paid $8.00 USD for the Billing Month, you are only eligible for up to $8.00 USD for that Billing Month. If you received a partial refund for the Billing Month, you will only be eligible for up to the remaining paid balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain an SLA credit?

For minor events, you will need to reach out to our billing team to obtain a credit.

For major events, credits will be issued within 10 - 15 business days. This is to ensure that the event does not recur and to allow us the appropriate time to receive further information from the appropriate datacenter(s).

Can I get a refund instead of a credit?

Funds will only be provided as account credit, ineligible for refund/external transfer. Account credit/funds may only be used for CubedHost services/invoices.

If my service was not affected, am I able to get any credit?

No. Only affected services are eligible for an SLA credit. If you are unsure if your service was affected, please contact our team.

What if I have more than one service?

Credit will be applied per affected service. If you have two affected services, you will be eligible for credit on both. However, if only one of the two services has been affected, you will only receive credit for one.

How do I tell if my service is affected?

You can visit our status page (Click Here) for status information regarding all of our services and regions.

If there's an issue with a particular node and you're unsure if you're affected, check your FTP Access information in the Prisma control panel (under Advanced > FTP Access) and check the FTP Hostname. For example, the hostname indicates Dallas, TX (dal) node 1. If you're unfamiliar with the shorthand for individual locations, please click here for a list of our test servers versus location cities.


Billing Month

A "Billing Month" is considered the current month of your billing cycle that you're in.

For example, if you encountered a network outage twice in the first 30 days of your quarterly plan, the maximum compensation is only for a third of the cycle. If you were to experience another network outage in the second month of the quarterly cycle, you would receive up to another third of the quarterly cycle.

Network Outage

A "Network Outage" is when one or more system(s) become inaccessible due to an outbound network routing or upstream provider disturbance (such as a routing loop or inconsistency).

Network Disturbance

A "Network Disturbance" is a grouped term referring to packet loss, packet retransmission issues, etc.

Hardware Failure

A "Hardware Failure" is when a peripheral/component or physical hardware's state becomes unreliable or faulty.

More questions?

Contact our team at any time by clicking on the blue button found in the bottom-right of our site or by emailing [email protected].

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