Before installing a data pack on your server, you'll first need to download the data pack that you'd like to use and verify that it uses the proper format. To do this, open the data pack .zip file and ensure that the .zip file contains a file named pack.mcmeta file, not in any sub-folders. 

  • If the pack.mcmeta file is not located in any sub-folders, you can upload the entire .zip file as is.

  • If the pack.mcmeta file is located in any sub-folders, you can to upload that sub-folder to your server rather than the entire .zip file.

Once you've downloaded the data pack and verified that it uses the proper format, follow these steps to upload and load the data pack on your server:

  1. Navigate to "Customize" -> "File Manager" in Prisma.

  2. Open your world folder by double clicking the folder, the name of this folder will vary based on what your active world is currently set to. However, you can find the name of your world folder by checking the "World" field located in Prisma's "Overview" area.

  3. Open the datapacks folder, then drag and drop the data pack from your computer into your browser window to start uploading the data pack.

  4. Once the upload is complete, restart your server.

  5. Use the /datapack list command to verify that the data pack is enabled.

  6. If the data pack isn't enabled already, use the command /datapack enable "file/datapack name here" command to enable the data pack on your server.

As an example, if you wanted to enable Xisuma's dragon drops elytra data pack (found here) after downloading it from and installing it on your server, you'd use the command /datapack enable "file/dragon drops" .

NOTICE: Data packs are only supported in Java Edition at this time for versions 1.13 and above.

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