Every server has an IPv4 (or IP) address, such as This IP address allows you to connect to your server and play normally, just as you would with a custom hostname, often referred to as a custom IP address, in the Minecraft world.

Unfortunately, IPv4 addresses are a finite (limited) resource that has been "exhausted". For a better explanation regarding exhaustion, see "What does it mean when IPv4 address space is exhausted?" below.

Due to the IPv4 address space exhaustion, we are limited to the resources we are allocated from our regional Internet Numbers registry. We must recycle IPv4 addresses by placing them back into a pool of addresses after servers are canceled or terminated, which is how various players are able to find your server even though it may be a new service.

My server was griefed by a stranger. How do I restore it?

You can restore your server using the restore function built into Prisma under the Advanced menu, or you can reach out to our team and let us know how far we need to roll the server back.

How do I prevent unknown players from joining in the future?

If you're not running a public server, we highly recommend enabling a whitelist. This will block any non-whitelisted player from joining your server. Without a whitelist, there is no way to openly block unknown players from joining.

Can I stop players from griefing?

On Java Edition servers, you can use a grief prevention plugin to block certain acts of destruction.

What does it mean when IPv4 address space is exhausted?

Essentially, to exist on the Internet today, you need an IPv4 address to be connected. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) likely owns multiple blocks of IPv4 addresses, as do most companies like ourselves.

If you're still confused, think of a bus. On the bus, there are only so many seats available. Now think of the bus as a block of IP addresses and the seats as each individual IPv4 address, then imagine this bus being full. Once all the "seats" are taken, the bus cannot carry any more passengers, just like a block of IP addresses when each IPv4 address has been sold. Because of this, it's no longer easy or affordable to procure additional IPv4 addresses.

I've heard about IPv6 addresses, won't this resolve this issue?

It's likely to resolve it, absolutely. However, not all ISPs around the world are using IPv6 yet. Therefore, connectivity is not guaranteed with IPv6-only services.

I can still connect to my canceled server. Is this why?

As IP addresses are reassigned after one server has been terminated, yes. While you may be able to connect, please be courteous and either ask if you can play on the server, purchase a new server for yourself, or refrain from connecting at all (there are lots of public servers available if you're not ready to purchase your own).

What about my privacy and server files?

When your server is terminated, all files are gone with it. Even though the IP address once assigned to your own server has been reassigned to someone else's, they will not have any access to any of your information (unless you connect to the new server) or server files.

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