Through our partnership with Youth Digital, we're happy to provide a free trial server for each active student subscribed to a participating course. There is no cost associated with this server, but there are some restrictions you should be aware of.


  • Gameplay is limited to 6 hours every 24 hours. This means that every day, you can start your server up and play for up to 6 hours. If you stop the server, we stop counting. You can play for 3 hours, stop the server, then come back and play for another 3.
  • Server types are limited to Forge 1.11.2 for use with the approved Youth Digital coursework. Any changes to the server type will be reverted.
  • Activity unrelated to coursework is not permitted. For example, setting up a public Spigot server with a bunch of plugins is not a valid use of the server, but we'd be happy to help you get setup with an upgraded server to do just that.
  • Server location is locked to eastern North America. Our paid servers have 14 global locations across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

How to remove these restrictions

The best way to get rid of these restrictions for good is to contact our team by opening a chat with us via the blue circle at the bottom right and let us know you want to upgrade. Our paid server plans start at just a few dollars per month with no time limit, unrestricted server types incl. over 300 modpack options, support for more players, and much more.

Check out our pricing here.


Does the time limit count time when the server was running but no players were online?

Yes, this time will be taken into account. You should always stop the server if you're not using it, or it will be stopped automatically after 6 hours have passed.

Can I reset my time if I forgot to stop the server?

On one-off occasions, just reach out to our team via the blue circle at the bottom right and let us know what happened. We'll help out.

How long do I have with my server?

The trial length should be defined with your purchase at Youth Digital, which as of early 2018, it was relayed to us that it would be 6 months. After 6 months, the service is subject to suspension and/or termination.

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