Our systems are set up in such a way that when any of our locations come near to full capacity (meaning nearly all of the memory is allocated out to customer servers), new orders are automatically blocked and the location is then marked as "Out of Stock". This is to prevent something known as "overselling", which can severely impact performance in a negative manner. While this does mean that we may not always be able to immediately offer service in the most ideal location for you, it also means that we greatly respect the importance of enjoyable gameplay.

What are my options if I can't get the location I want?

We're glad you've asked! Fortunately, even if your desired server location does not have available space right now, it will have available space in the future. This means you do have options!

  1. Some locations may have no memory available or none at all. Try lowering the amount of memory you need, if it's an option for you and the checkout may just take away that "Out of Stock" sign. You can always upgrade your server later on when more memory is available in that location. Not sure how much you need? Go ahead and click on that blue bubble in the bottom-right of the site and drop us a message and someone will be with you to help as soon as possible. Be sure to tell us about your server plans!

  2. If option 1 isn't an option for you, try considering another server location. Fortunately, we do offer 15 global locations. This means that there's likely another one available that will offer a similar connection. Feel free to use our test servers, just in case. If you decide you want to transfer to your originally desired location later on, when space is available, this can easily be done upon request.

  3. If options 1 and 2 aren't ideal, the final option is to wait it out. We try to keep up with demand and add stock to locations before they run out. However, due to hardware availability, restocking can take time. For more information, see the details provided below.

How long will it take to restock the location I want?

Based on data center availability, stock delivery for each location may vary. We'd love to be able to keep everything stocked constantly, however, things like hardware demand and shipping can sometimes cause delays. Please check below for estimated restocking times the location(s) you're interested in. We'll keep this list as up to date as possible but please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns.

North America

  • Ashburn, VA: Up to 72 hours.

  • Phoenix, AZ: Currently unknown.

  • Los Angeles, CA: Up to 1 week.

  • Montreal, QC, Canada: Up to 48 hours.

  • Chicago, IL: Up to 2 weeks.

  • Miami, FL; Dallas, TX: Up to 2 weeks.

  • Seattle, WA: Up to 2 weeks.


  • London, UK; Frankfurt, DE; Roubaix, FR: Up to 48 hours.

  • Warsaw, PL: Up to 48 hours.

  • Amsterdam, NL: Currently unknown.

Asia Pacific

  • Sydney, AU: Up to 48 hours.

  • Singapore, SGP: Up to 48 hours.

Can you add me to a wait list? I chose option 2 from above.

Absolutely! If you haven't reached out to our team already, please start a conversation with us through the blue bubble found in the bottom-right of the site. Be sure to let us know which location(s) you're interested in and how much memory you need. We'll confirm what you need and we'll let you know when the location is order-ready.

How do I transfer my server later on when that location has stock?

Simple! All you'll need to do is contact our team. We've got more details on transfers here.

How will I know when it's safe to upgrade my server if I got the location I wanted but not the memory amount?

While we always offer the option to upgrade or downgrade, there's a chance that either your server's node and/or location still does not have sufficient space available for the upgrade to be processed immediately. In these cases, it just may take some shuffling before we can proceed.

Any time you're interested in upgrading your server, just get in touch with our team and we'll do all we can to get you squared away. We can actively check for available stock and, if space is not available, we can notify you the moment it is or offer alternate options.

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