Any time your server has been griefed and you plan to restore your world and/or any other files, you'll first need to stop the server. Once you have done that, you'll need to determine when the griefing occurred so you know which backup is best to use (i.e. How far back do I need the server restored?). After you have your restoration date figured out, see if you have your own backup available and, if so, whether you wish to use it.

Using your own backup
To use your own backup file, first get into your File Manager and delete any files that you'll be replacing once you upload your backup files. Then, use this guide to upload the backup file(s).

Requesting a backup file
If your server was griefed within the past 30 days, go ahead and select that blue button in the bottom-right of our website. Start a conversation and let us know that you need your server restored to the date prior to whichever day the griefing occurred. For example, if your server was destroyed on the 10th, request a backup from the 9th.

For more information about requesting a backup, see this guide.

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