Updating Your Card Details

Currently, the best course of action is to add a new card if any details have changed; however, our team can update your card's expiration date or billing address.

How do I remove duplicates or old cards?

You may see a duplicate card on file or have a card with old details. For security reasons, we're still working behind the scenes to best integrate additional billing functions into Prisma; however, we can remove cards at any time upon request.

Can you update my card details for me?

You should never send your card number to our team; however, we can update the expiration date or billing address for any card on file at any time.

How do I add a new card?

When you have an open invoice, you will have the option to select Credit/Debit Card and New Card as your payment method. You'll need your card's number, expiration date, security code (CVC), and postcode.

What if I don't have an open invoice?

Invoices for renewal are generated at least 1-2 weeks prior to your server's renewal date. When the invoice is generated, you can add a new card. If you're unable to wait for a newly generated invoice, reach out to our team for help!

Where are my card details stored?

Though you provide your card details in Prisma, these details are never stored directly within our systems. Our team will never ask for your full card number or any bank account details. For your security and overall compliance, we use trusted third-party payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.

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