Your server's view distance can be modified at any time within Prisma by going to "Customize" > "Settings" then adjusting the "View Distance" drop-down to your desired setting. Be sure to save your changes and then restart the server once you're done!

We have a GIF that runs through changing your view distance here:

GIF that runs through the process of changing your server's view distance

Though our servers are on hardware selected for ultimate Minecraft performance, please note that a higher view distance does place more demand on your server. As such, it is common to experience strain if you already have a CPU-heavy server (large amounts of redstone, machinery, farms, automation, etc.)

How high can I set my server's view distance?

The default view distance is 10 and we recommend leaving it at this amount. However, you are currently able to adjust it up to 15 - 32, depending on which version of Minecraft your server is running. If you have any questions about how this might impact your server or which options are valid, get in touch with our team!

Will having a high view distance affect performance on my server?

In particular, we've found that servers running vanilla 1.13 and newer versions of Minecraft run into performance issues with view distances much higher than 10 due to vanilla Minecraft only being able to handle chunk loading on the main thread. The main thread is where the vast majority of tasks are processed, so the server will end up to spending too much time loading chunks instead of processing things in the world. To get around this, we recommend switching to Paper which adds asynchronous chunk loading. Asynchronous chunk loading allows the server to load chunks on other threads which can greatly improve performance overall. If you'd like to give Paper a try, you can install it by following this guide.

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