Unfortunately, console players (even if using Bedrock Edition) cannot connect to Bedrock servers due to the inability to direct connect to an IP address. Additionally, players using Pocket, Bedrock, or Console Edition cannot connect to a Java Edition server as it is not cross-compatible.

Bedrock players on mobile and Windows 10 are able to connect to Bedrock servers so long as your client is running the same Minecraft version as the server you wish to connect to.

Can I purchase a Bedrock-powered server with CubedHost?

At this time, CubedHost does not offer Bedrock servers. However, our development team is currently working on implementing the Bedrock software onto our platform.
For more information, check this page.

Can Console or Bedrock Edition players connect to my PocketMine-MP server?

Console players will be unable to connect due to the same reason mentioned above. However, both mobile and Windows 10 users should be able to connect to your PMMP server. If you have any concerns, please reach out to our team by starting a conversation through the blue button located in the bottom-right of our website.

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