There are some common issues that can be preventing you from connecting to your server, but there may also be something else going on. If you don't see anything that appears to apply to you, please contact our team right away so we can get you back to mining.

Incorrect IP Address

If you've recently purchased your server, recently transferred, or recently upgraded to / downgraded from 1GB, your IP address may have changed. Please be sure that you are using the correct IP address first. If you're not sure where to find your IP address, check your email and/or control panel or simply contact our team for help.

Missing Port

Note that some IP addresses do have a port that is required in order to connect.
For Bedrock/PE servers, unless you have purchased a dedicated IP, you'll need to modify the port field accordingly before you can successfully connect to your server.
For Java Edition servers, if you have a server below 1GB of memory and you haven't purchased a dedicated IP, you'll need to be sure you've attached the port to your IP address (as in "000.00.0000:00000" instead of just "000.00.0000").

Subdomain/Domain IP Not Working

If you've recently created a custom hostname, through our subdomain system or using your own domain name, you'll need to give the DNS records some time to propagate. Though records are usually ready within 5 minutes or less, sometimes records can take up to 24 hours to become usable. A good place to check to see if you've correctly set up your record and whether or not it's working yet is on this site.

If you're using a Bedrock/PE server and you do not have a dedicated IP, be sure to attach the port to your custom hostname (e.g. "").

Modded Server

If you're running mods on your server, you'll need to be sure that you're running the mods you've installed on the server on your client as well. You'll also need to be sure that you haven't installed any client-only mods on your server and that you have enough memory not only on your server, but also enough memory dedicated to your Minecraft client in order to support the mods you wish to run.

Modpack Launchers

Most modpacks are launched from launcher other than the one you normally launch for Minecraft. The most common modpack launchers are by FeedTheBeast (FTB), Twitch Launcher (formerly Curse / CurseForge), ATLauncher, and Technic. When you choose a modpack, you'll need to download the appropriate launcher, sign into your Minecraft account, install your desired modpack (be sure to select the correct version), and launch the game accordingly.

Not Enough Memory (Client-Side)

Most modpack developers suggest dedicating at least 4GB to your launcher in order to run mods. In most launchers, you'll be able to adjust this under "Java Settings". For more help, see this article.

Lack of Authentication

Older Minecraft Versions

Due to Mojang's authentication methods not being supported on older versions of Minecraft, 1.6.4 and below, you may be unable to connect to your server if you are running online mode as Mojang will be unable to authenticate your Minecraft account. You can resolve this by disabling online mode using the directions provided here.

Non-Premium Minecraft Accounts

Players who are running Minecraft illegally will be unable to connect to any server running in online mode. You may disable online mode using the directions provided here. Please note that CubedHost does not support or condone the use of pirated versions of Minecraft in any way and we encourage you to purchase the game legally via

Whitelisted Server

If the server is whitelisted, you will not be able to join unless you are a whitelisted player. For more information on whitelisting, please see this article.

Banned Players

If you have been banned on your own server, you may unban yourself through your server's console by typing unban playername (replace playername with your Minecraft username) without a slash. If you're looking to unban someone else, you can do so as an opped player using the same command in-game as well, just with a slash instead.

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