There are many reasons why players may be unable to connect, though some of those reasons are very common! We hope this article helps you identify what may be preventing you or your players from connecting.

This list is not inclusive of all reasons you may not be able to connect. If you need additional help, feel free to reach out to our team at any time!

Incorrect IP Address

In some cases, your server's IP address may have changed. This usually happens when you've purchased a new server or transferred your existing server to a new location. CubedHost customers can always find their IP address in Prisma.

Missing Port

With CubedHost, you'll receive a dedicated IP address for free by default. This means that you won't need a port when connecting to your server. However, in rare cases here or at some other hosting companies, you may have a specific port assigned. When this occurs, you'll need to specify the port when connecting. On Java Edition, attached the IP and port using a colon (e.g serverip:port). On Bedrock, you'll need to update the Port field with the specific port.

Subdomain/Domain Not Working

You might be using a custom hostname, such as, to try and connect to your server. If it's new, give it up to 24 hours to propagate and try again. Otherwise, you can check to see if the problem is universal or on your end by using a DNS Checker. If the problem is universal, you'll want to make sure that your DNS records are correct. If the problem is on your end, you may need to flush your DNS cache. If you have a specified port, you may need to attach it to your custom hostname (e.g.

Mod or modpack errors

When playing modded Minecraft, you typically need a higher-than-usual amount of memory, as well as the right mods installed client-side. Depending on the error you're seeing, you may need to allocate more memory to your client or you may need to double-check that you have the right mods (and mod versions) installed.

Unable to authenticate

In some cases, you may be unable to join as your Minecraft account cannot be authenticated. This will occur if Mojang's authentication servers are down or in some cases involving Online Mode.

You are not whitelisted

A whitelist blocks any player that has not been added to the whitelist. If you are not on the whitelist or have been removed, you won't be able to connect to the server. You will see a join attempt in your server's console when this occurs. See our guide on whitelisting to learn more.

You are banned

Banned players can be pardoned using either the pardon playerName command (vanilla) or the unban playerName command (Spigot/Paper/etc.). Operators can also execute this command in-game by preceding the command with a slash (/). See our guide on banning/pardoning players here.

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