In Prisma, your server may show as Stopped, Online, or Starting. We've highlighted some common concerns here. If you don't find something that helps, feel free to reach out to our team!

Server Starting

If you've started your server and it does not appear online, it may need a little longer to finish starting up or something may be affecting the way information is reporting back to Prisma. Either way, you should still be able to start/stop/restart your server as normal.

If you're unable to access Prisma at all, please reach out to our team.

Older Versions of Minecraft

Due to the way some older versions of Minecraft report information, Prisma may be unable to register the server's status. Instead, it will appear as if the server is infinitely starting, rather than "online".

Modded Minecraft

As mods tend to be more demanding, it can take several minutes for a modded server to fully start, especially if you're loading anything new.

On some occasions, though uncommon in recent years, you may encounter a mod that reports information in such a way that Prisma may be unable to recognize the server's status. The best way to check how far along the server has gotten in the starting stage is to check your server's console.

Server Stopped

If your server is showing as stopped, you may have stopped it manually (or set up a task to stop it), an admin may have stopped it, and/or the server may have crashed. We recommend checking the console for an idea of what's going on.

Server Locked

If you have a red banner at the top of your server dashboard saying that your server has been locked, it's likely time to complete your renewal payment or you have a pending account action that requires your attention. When your server is locked, it will be offline and you will be unable to access your files or panel. It's important to check your email for any recent communication that may be affecting your account.

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