At this time, we do not have multi-owner/group accounts available. All accounts must have a single owner and we strongly discourage password sharing. For your safety and security, we have admin/sub-user account setup available so you have the ability to give others their own accounts and permissions to manage your service(s) as needed.

To give others server admin access only, please see this guide.

If you'd like to give someone billing access to your account, you can create a sub-user account, through the legacy client area here. Please be sure to adjust the contact permissions as you see fit and note that the user will be able to view your name and address, as well as anything you give them access to.

If you do not wish to give someone their own account, you might consider a fund-sharing service such as PayPal, Cash, Venmo, etc. These are all great services to use amongst friends.

If you're seeking donations from players, learn more here.

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