Affiliate details are currently view-able within the legacy client area from here.
Please note that this only shows details for non-custom affiliate links.

What details can I see in the affiliates area?


Track the number of direct clicks on your link here. Unfortunately, we do not have more specific click tracking on non-custom affiliate links at this time.


User signups occur when a user completes the checkout process as a new customer (whether they've had an account before and/or whether or not the order ends as paid). This number will grow as new accounts are created through your affiliate link.


You'll see a percentage here based on the orders placed via your link. A higher conversion rate means that more orders were completed than canceled.

The link shown is your unique referral link provided by our billing system, assigned directly to your affiliate profile. This is the link you should use to refer users unless you have been provided with a custom referral link(s).

Commissions Pending Maturation

The balance shown here will be based on orders placed but not yet completed and/or services not yet active for the amount of time required in order for affiliate funds to be delivered to you (30 days).

Available Commissions Balance

The balance shown here is the amount available in your Affiliate Account. You may request these funds be withdrawn to your credit balance at any time for use towards CubedHost services (we do not offer external transfers or cash payouts).

Total Amount Withdrawn

The balance shown here is the total amount of funds you've withdrawn to your credit balance from your affiliate account over time. If you'd like a breakdown of fund transfers, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Your referrals

The "Your referrals" area will show each referred user that has clicked on your affiliate link and placed an order. You'll be able to see the date the order was placed, which product they ordered (albeit you will not be able to see the details of the service), the amount they paid, the commission you earn, and the status of the order/service.

If a referral shows as "Cancelled" and the commission balance is $0, this indicates that the user either did not complete payment on the order or did not hold the service for the full duration of 30 days required in order for you to receive the affiliate funds.

If a referral shows as "Fraud", this indicates that the referred user's order was flagged as fraudulent by our automated fraud prevention system. Any users with flagged orders are welcome to reach out to our team for assistance and are advised to stop placing orders once any order has been flagged.

CubedHost Partners


Any referrals earned after your partnership is activated will show a $0 commission as you do not earn affiliate credit whilst being a CubedHost Partner. Instead, you are sponsored for the services on your account. For concerns regarding this, please contact our team through your support channel on the Partners Discord or open a conversation through the blue button located at the bottom-right of the website.

All partners should use their custom referral link(s) only. This can be done using or If you'd like another CubedHost domain to use for your custom referral link, please contact our team.

Additional analytics are tracked on custom links through Google Analytics (the stats are not tracked in the billing area on our website). We are able to share any of these details with our partners at any time upon request.

An advanced, viewing area for analytics and link tracking is on the to-do list and we are very excited to be able to more readily share these details with our partners!

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