Our backup system is currently modified due to a fire incident. Please see our status page for further information and updates.

Server backups occur every 8 hours, starting at 12am CST/CDT.
This means that backups occur around the following times:

  • 12am CST/CDT

  • 8am CST/CDT

  • 4pm CST/CDT

Each backup is retained for up to 10 days*.
For more information on requesting a restoration, please see this article.

Please note that we do not back up any "backup" files/folders or any files/folders containing the word "backup". If you have questions or concerns regarding our automated backups, please reach out to our team.

Web hosting backups are not guaranteed, but weekly backups may be available. Please inquire with our team for more information.

We do not retain backups any bare metal services unless otherwise specified.

* Our automated backup system retains backups for up to 30 days; however, an incident is currently restricting our retainment period.

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