When you initially purchase your server, you'll be automatically assigned the first available numerical IP address in the region you selected. You'll be able to see this in your email and you might also see a link to a page that allows you to set up a subdomain. You won't be able to change the numerical IP, but setting up a subdomain (e.g. "play.mymc.io") offers an alternative option that is easier to remember and share.

Why can't you change my numerical IP?
There's never a need to change the numerical IP, unless we've transferred your server to a new location, node, and/or retired the IP address your server may have previously been using. If you're concerned about someone knowing the numerical IP address you have, just bear in mind that IP addresses are not hidden, rather they're actually recycled and are easily found. If you want to prevent unwanted users from joining your server, you'll need to enable whitelisting or try using grief prevention plugins and/or permissions plugins if you don't want your server to be private.

How do I set up a custom IP?
A custom IP can be created using a domain or subdomain. It won't make your numerical IP unusable, but it does give you and other players an easier alternative option to remember and type in. You can see this article for more information on setting up a custom IP address.

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