Slots, or "Player Slots", are the total number of spaces on a game server available to players.

The easiest way to describe slots is to think of desks in a classroom. Say a single classroom has 25 desks, which means it can support up to 25 students at a time. Slots work the same way! Just think of the classroom as your server, the desks as your amount of slots, and the students as your players!

Do I have to have specific players assigned or can any players join the slots?

Player slots (the "desks") are not assigned to any specific players, so once a slot is open, any player can fill it. Your total amount of slots simply asks as a maximum player count so only X amount of players may connect to your server at a time.

Do player slots affect my whitelist?

Player slots won't affect your whitelist in any way. If you enable whitelisting, whitelisted players can join so long as open slots are available.

Do slots affect my server performance?

Slots don't affect the server in any way other than a player's ability to connect if the server has an open slot available or not. Slots alone won't cause anything, positive or negative.

What if I cap out my server slots?

You're more than welcome to fill your server with players and we hope that those of you looking to do so do! However, you'll want to make sure that you have the appropriate settings and resources so your players have a great experience. While slots don't affect the server, memory and other configurations definitely do. Insufficient memory, lack of restarts, etc. can cause poor performance or even server crashes.

Going back to our classroom analogy... If you have 25 students in 25-desk classroom but all the desks are broken because the school didn't take care of them, the students won't be happy.

How do I change the amount of slots on my server?

You can adjust your player slots at any time from Prisma. Be sure to click the save button and restart after you've made a change.

Does it cost anything to change my amount of player slots?

For Minecraft servers, we have never (and will never) charge based on player slots.

What's the point in having any specific amount set?

While the average server owner generally doesn't have this concern, slots are often used by server owners who run networks, have limited funds, or for special events.

I have more questions. Help!

You can reach our team at any time by clicking the blue button in the bottom-right of our site or you may email [email protected] We're happy to help!

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