Here at CubedHost, you may have seen the slogan "Perfecting the art of Minecraft server hosting". We understand that a huge part of the hosting world for many people is the cost. For this reason, we've made it part of our mission to lower our pricing exponentially over time without sacrificing anything else. Has it been easy? Not always! However, we're happy to be here for our customers - past, present, and future!

This being said, our pricing has always been geared towards the quality of service we provide. We can, without a single doubt, say that we are NOT the cheapest host out there. What it really comes down to is what's really being offered with our pricing. For us, that means a lot of things... full customization, a fully custom control panel, free dedicated IPs with nearly every server, free web hosting option, 24/7 quality support with an average response time less than 30min year-round, 15 global locations and counting, free transfers, free backups/restorations, free modpack installations, DDoS protection, responsive feedback, frontline management... the list really does just go on and on for us!

That's not what you came here for though, is it? To answer your question, we do consider price matching offers... though it's rare we accept them. Why? We always keep it honest and we certainly won't stop here... Often times we get asked to price match a host with pricing less than $5/GB. For everything we offer versus everything they offer, we just cannot justify that price difference long-term for everyone.
The ugly truth is that most hosting companies offering such low pricing often offer little to no support, oversell (which means that they pack more customers onto a single node in order to maximize profit resulting in performance loss), and server hardware not fit for Minecraft (also resulting in performance loss), among other lacking features.

If you're looking for a lower price than what you see on your invoice and/or in our checkout, your best bet is simply to reach out to our team and we'll be happy to see what we're able to do to help.

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