We're happy to support the Bedrock Alpha Server provided by Mojang, in addition to PocketMine-MP, Nukkit, and most any custom PHAR you may wish to bring along.

Due to recent and ongoing development updates in Prisma, your server will either be running the latest version of Bedrock or PocketMine-MP by default depending on the option you selected at checkout.

If you selected Bedrock Alpha server and wish to switch off to another software and/or version, please reach out to our team.

If you selected Bedrock/PocketMine, you may select different versions and/or select the custom PHAR option from the server type selector in Prisma.
Please note that PocketMine, as well as many other unofficial Bedrock Alpha Server alternatives, may not offer updated versions and may be missing features you may expect as they are developed/updated by the Minecraft community, not Mojang.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team.

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