In the hosting world, everything has a limit, be it memory, slots, connections, bandwidth, IPs, power, etc. In the Minecraft hosting world, you tend to only familiarize yourself with the following terms: memory (RAM), slots, and CPU. When it comes to purchasing your own server from a Minecraft host, you often are purchasing a shared server and that service is usually purchased based off of the amount of memory and/or slots you wish to pay for.

Some hosting companies offer an "Unlimited" plan. Usually, this means that you'll get a server that you can freely use... until you use too much CPU, memory, and/or slots and the company decides to either suspend or terminate your service or even just provide terrible performance. Reason being, behind the scenes you'll find that there is no such thing as "Unlimited". Any company advertising such a thing would have to describe their definition of the word within their legal documents (Terms of Service, etc.)

In order to promote transparency and prevent confusion, we've decided to circumvent the whole "Unlimited" ploy and just stick with providing a checkout where you can obtain a fully customizable server for which you'll only ever need to worry about the cost of memory so long as you wish to keep the service active. Simply select the amount of memory you need for the server you wish to run and you can always upgrade/downgrade at any time later on as needed.

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