Sometimes we need a little help! When you have someone that you trust to assist in managing your server, they can be added to your dashboard as an admin. This gets you the help you need and keeps accounts secure!

Never share your password

If someone needs access to your server's control panel or files and you'd like to grant this access, never share your password. This can lead to destructive, and even criminal, actions. For your security, please use the features described in this article.

What happens when I add an admin in Prisma?

When you add an admin in Prisma, they will be able to help you manage any server you've added them to. They will not be able to access your billing information or Profile, though they will have access to your server files. We strongly encourage you to use caution when adding admins to your server(s).

What's the difference between server Owner and server Admin?

Server owners have full access to the control panel and billing details. As a server owner, you are financially responsible for the service and its management. There can only be one server owner.

Server admins are granted access to individual control panels by a server owner. Admins are unable to use the Reset Server, Manage Users, Restore Server and Reset Server advanced functions and cannot modify the server's memory or slots.

How do I give someone access to more than one of my servers?

You'll need to add each admin on a per-server level individually.
There is no way to grant permissions in bulk at this time.

How do I give someone billing access?

In order to grant a user permission to view, access, and/or pay for any services on your account, you'll need to contact our team to set up a billing contact/sub-user. These users are not restricted per-server, rather they will be able to see your profile information (name, address, etc.) and all invoices and transactions.

There is no way to give someone access to modifying your server's slots in Prisma, though they can make the request with our team if they have billing access.

Adding a Server Admin in Prisma

  1. If the user does not already have an account on Prisma, they will need to register here: 

  2. Once registered, ask for the email address used to register.

  3. Log into Prisma yourself and access the server you'd like to grant them access to.

  4. Select MANAGE USERS under ADVANCED.

  5. Add their email address and select the Add button.

  6. If the email address shows up after you select Add, this user is now an Admin.

The Add button is grey

When the email address is entered correctly, the Add button should turn from grey to blue. If this does not happen, check that this user hasn't already been added or look for any typos, spaces, or extra characters. If all else fails, please reach out to our team.

It says User not found

If the email address you've entered is registered in Prisma, the Add button should turn from grey to blue. If this does not happen, check for typos, then ask your admin if you have the email address correct. If all else fails, please reach out to our team.

Removing a Server Admin in Prisma

You can remove any server admins at any time by accessing the MANAGE USERS list is Prisma (under the ADVANCED menu) and selecting the X next to their email address. While this takes effect immediately, some users may have momentary access if they are actively using the panel. Please reach out to our team with urgent concerns.

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