Upgrade order amounts due are always calculated based on the amount of memory (RAM) you're currently paying for, the amount of memory you wish to upgrade to, the number of days left on your current billing cycle, and the number of days on your billing cycle total. To break this down, you are never charged for more than what is actually allocated to your server and the upgrade amount you pay is always prorated.

Let's use an example here... Say you originally paid $8 on April 1st to start a 1GB Minecraft server on a monthly billing cycle. On April 15th, you decide to upgrade from 1GB to 2GB. As you have 15 days left on your 30 day billing cycle and you'd be moving up to a $16/month plan, your upgrade cost is calculated by the following equation: (15/30)*(16-8)
This makes your upgrade cost due today $4. On your next due date, May 1st, you'd pay the renewal cost for 2GB, which would be $16.

You won't be charged twice on your due date for a single service for any reason unless you are making additional payments on the service for the purpose of adding funds to your account.

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact our team.

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